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Information concerning Corona-Virus

25.03.: Mainz University of Applied Sciences moves operations online

In compliance with the state-wide Third Directive to Control the Coronavirus, Mainz University of Applied Sciences has closed its buildings to the public until further notice and has moved into basic operation mode. “Mainz University of Applied Sciences was prepared for the expected decisions and has taken timely measures to prevent the spread of the virus, thus contributing to flattening the curve of new infections,” said Prof. Dr. Susanne Weissman, President of Mainz University of Applied Sciences. “We would like to thank all staff and students of the university for their extraordinary commitment, constructive cooperation and responsible actions.”

To protect university staff and students, Mainz University of Applied Sciences has switched to a comprehensive workplace model, in which all employees are to work from home as much as possible.

The courses offered have been converted to online models and will continue to be further developed. This step is particularly important, due to the fact that the summer semester lecture period at the universities of applied sciences in Rhineland-Palatinate already started on March 16. Thanks to the digitalization strategy it has been adopting for some time, Mainz University of Applied Sciences was able to make use of digital tools for exchanges between students and lecturers, for recording lectures and for virtual sessions. The university was both technically and practically well-prepared for the changeover from classroom-based teaching to digital teaching, and is increasingly expanding this strategy. Face-to-face meetings must currently be eliminated altogether and instead are to be conducted as telephone or video conferences. The university has also been expanding the library’s online resources for some time now, and is now once again investing a great deal of effort in doing so. The advantage here is that these resources are now more accessible. Advisory services for students and staff are already being provided by telephone and online and will continue to be available in the future.
“In a centrally established task force, we are continuously working on improving our services and information for students, teaching staff and employees in order to support all members of the university to the very best of our ability in these difficult times,” explains Susanne Weissman.

17.03.: Exams

The upcoming exam dates at Rhineland-Palatinate universities will be suspended as of tomorrow (March 18, 2020). This regulation initially applies until April 20, 2020. The universities are permitted to deviate from this rule in a few exceptional cases, which generally involve individual examinations.

Students must not be put at a disadvantage by these postponements. The rescheduling of the examinations will be organized together with the responsible schools and departments and examination offices.

13.03. Classroom teaching suspended

The State Ministry of Science of Rhineland-Palatinate and the state universities have decided that classroom teaching for the current summer semester cannot resume until April 20, 2020. Read more

Who to contact

University staff and students who have a question concerning the measures of Mainz University of Applied Sciences because of the Coronavirus can send an E-Mail to:

taskforce-corona (at)


Please look at the overview of events to find out which events of Mainz University of Applied Sciences are cancelled or postponed because of the Coronavirus.