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FAQs for Students

General questions and organizing your studies

The dates for the start of lectures for first-semester students and students in later semesters have now been set.

Here you can find an overview of when the individual departments will begin lectures in the winter semester and when the orientation weeks for new students start.


Created on: 05/04/2020
Last modified on: 06/02/2020

Yes. Since you are currently not allowed to scan or copy at the library, you may check out reference copies for seven days, but there is no possibility to renew.

See the library website for more information about using the library, lending periods and returns.



At the university, the recommendation to wear masks still applies – especially for time spent in the library, which has been reopened to a limited extent since Tuesday, April 21st.
In addition to masks purchased in stores, you can also use a fabric mask you have sewn yourself or a scarf or bandana to cover your nose and mouth.

On the SWR website you will find a variety of instructions on how to sew a face mask yourself, plus tips on cleaning and wearing it.

As of Tuesday, April 21st, it is once again possible to check out books, media, etc. from the university library to a limited extent. Please see the library website for more detailed information.



Created on: 03/24/2020
Last updated on: 04/20/2020

The buildings of Mainz University of Applied Sciences have been closed to the public since March 25th, and will remain so until further notice.

Only the use of special laboratories or workspaces at the university is permitted by agreement with the supervising lecturers in justified cases of exception.

The borrowing of books, media, etc. from the university library is possible again in a restricted manner starting Monday, April 20. For more detailed information, please see the library website


Created on: 03/24/2020
Most recently updated on: 04/18/2020


Unfortunately our Citrix servers are currently overloaded. One reason for this is users not logging out of the Citrix system after finishing their session, and the "line" basically remains open and cannot be used. As a result, programs under Citrix may not start or may generate error messages. We recommend the use of VPN for services that allow this. For example, all of the services that you can use through the browser are VPN-capable.

The instructions for using VPN can be found in the intranet.

If you have problems setting up and using Citrix, you can also find instructions on the intranet.

The difference between the two functions is that Citrix runs programs on a remote computer at the university and displays the screen at your location. This applies to all applications under Citrix, including Chrome, Firefox and STATA.

The FortiClient VPN ensures that your computer enters a secure, restricted network at the university. This network has strict rules regarding the communication of your computer with the internet. Applications like STATA and SPSS, which you know from Citrix, would have to be installed on your computer for you to be able to use them.

If you are connected to the VPN, you can only access websites and services of Mainz University of Applied Sciences and Johannes Gutenberg University through internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) on your computer. Other programs that use the internet also encounter these restrictions. These include services like Seafile, the library and access to the printers. External services like or may not be available and can only be accessed again when you disconnect from the VPN.

Please do not try to use Citrix if you are connected to the FortiClient VPN. The connection with the VPN gives you no "advantage" over others or prioritization of the connection.

If internal services do not work despite an active connection with the VPN of Mainz University of Applied Sciences, please contact the Heldpdesk and describe exactly what you are trying to do. It would be best if you also send us the link and, if applicable, the publisher you wanted to access.

Adobe's promotion offering  CC solutions for free has been extended to July 6, 2020.

Adobe is offering free cloud computing for students until the end of May. Click here for more information.

Adobe Connect can also be used free of charge in this area.

Instead of Adobe Connect, other (free) web-based conference tools like Zoom or Pronto can of course also be used.


You can find instructions on how to use the VPN tunnel on the intranet.

Support during your studies

Since June 16th, German and foreign students who are in an emergency situation as a result of the Corona pandemic can apply for interim financial aid.

Applications for this interim financial aid from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) are submitted using a standardized online tool accessible nationwide: (available in English)

More information on the interim financial aid:
•    Online portal: (available in English)
•    BMBF interim financial aid hotline: call 0800 26 23 003
•    Federal Ministry of Education and Research: Wissenswertes zur Überbrückungshilfe für Studierende (currently only available in German)
•    Deutsches Studentenwerk, English FAQs:
•    Studierendenwerk Mainz: Überbrückungshilfe für Studierende in Notlage (available in English)

German and foreign students who are in financial difficulties as a result of the Corona pandemic can apply for a student loan from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW).
More information:

In these cases, please contact the Equal Opportunities Representative responsible for you.
The following representatives are responsible for the university's schools as follows:

School of Engineering: Prof. Dr. Katharina Kluge katharina.kluge (at) and
Kathrin Dupre-Hock kathrin.dupre-hock (at)

School of Design: Ulrike Kraft ulrike.kraft (at)

School of Business: Prof. Dr. Stephanie Swartz  stephanie.swartz (at)


Created on: 05/14/2020
Most recently updated on: 06/19/2020


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