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General information

Mainz University of Applied Sciences has a comprehensive range of childcare facilities covering all age groups and all individual requirements of parents. It ranges from the classic "Campulino" day-care center to the parents' initiative "Rappelkiste", from the offer of day-care centers to emergency facilities in the event that well-established childcare solutions fail on short notice.
The university offers additional financial support especially for low-income students.

Daycare centers

Campulino daycare center

Since October 2011, the Campulino childcare center has opened its doors to the children of students and staff of the universities, the Max Planck Institutes and the Studierendenwerk Mainz (Student Services).
A total of 82 spots are available for children aged a few months up to school age. The main criterion for admission is residence in Mainz. A small number of spots are also available for children from the rest of Rhineland-Palatinate.
There are six groups - from the nursery group to mixed age groups and regular kindergarten groups. The contribution for nursery children depends on the income of the parents. Children over two years old only have to pay for lunch.
In the first four weeks, the parents accompany their children to enable them to gradually get used to the surroundings of the day-care center.
The center is open daily from 7:00 to 17:00.


Kita Campulino
Lucy-Hillebrand-Straße 2a
55128 Mainz

Director: Michaela Moch

T 06131 39-37374
F 06131 39-24907
moch (at)

Studierendenwerk (Student Services) website of the Campulino daycare center (only available in German)

Rappelkiste Daycare Center

Rappelkiste is located in the heart of Mainz's old town. The childcare facilities are aimed at children aged two to three years.
Rappelkiste is a parent initiative and carries out the entire daycare operation in self-organization. Every eleven weeks the parents alternately take over the cleaning service in the Rappelkiste, wash bibs, towels, washcloths, etc. from a week of daycare operations and buy the breakfast for the whole week.
In addition, the parents take over one task at a time, be it maintenance work, finances, repairs, etc.
The Board of Directors, consisting of three members, assumes administrative and organizational tasks. Every few weeks, the parents meet with the nursery school teachers for a general meeting or an educational parents' evening.


Kinderstube Rappelkiste e.V.
Dagobertstrasse 1
55116 Mainz

M 0157 58301889
info (at)

Network of child-minders

In cooperation with Familienservice Mainz, Mainz University of Applied Sciences offers individual childcare facilities for its children of students and staff. Children can be cared for from the age of eight weeks up to approx. 12 years.
The care concept includes

  •  The pedagogical accompaniment of the child-minders
  •  Orientation towards the care needs of those affected (lecture times, for example)
  •  Children from six months of age (in some cases also younger children)
  •  A childcare period of max. 20 hours per week
  •  Income-dependent funding by the university

The plan to design the university as a family-friendly place of study and work has been successfully implemented for years thanks to the cooperation with the Familienservice Mainz.
The network of child-minders has pedagogical support and can adapt flexibly to the need for care. The often fixed lecture times, examination dates and library regulations can thus be reconciled with the family commitments.
Both students and employees can use the childcare service. Depending on the income situation, the university will cover a maximum of half of the costs for supervising students' children. The network of childminders guarantees parents reliable and flexible care.


pme Familienservice Mainz
Hauptstraße 3-5
55232 Alzey

T 06731 999-054
F 06731 999-058
mainz (at)

Emergency childcare: 3K – Kinder, Kunst, Kultur (children, art & culture)

Beyond the daycare network, Family Services offers free emergency care for children of members of the university.
Working and studying parents know the feeling when the seemingly reliable regular care of the children fails on short notice, for example due to the illness of the childminder, and they conflict with the requirements of their own profession or studies. In this case, emergency care is provided in the back-up facility.
Every 1st Saturday of the month from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. parents and children have the opportunity to visit the back-up facility and discuss the formalities with members of Family Services.
3K - Kinder, Kunst, Kultur is a company-oriented back-up center that guarantees child care in emergency cases and acute crises, for example if parents, grandparents or childminders fall ill, nursery school is closed or during school vacations. Up to ten children from 6 weeks to approx. 12 years of age are cared for in a mixed-age group.
The 3K - Kinder, Kunst, Kultur back-up is located directly in downtown Mainz. The lovingly furnished rooms invite the children to read, paint, do crafts, homework or just play freely. A bedroom is available for rest and relaxation. 3K has an attractive outdoor area and an educational kitchen where healthy meals are prepared together with the children.


3K – Kinder, Kunst, Kultur
Altmünstergemeinde (Pfarrhaus)
Münsterstraße 25
55116 Mainz

06131 6277663


Service Hotline

Free hotline for babysitter replacement and back-up support for your child

0800 801007080