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Equal Opportunity Representatives


The equality of women and men is anchored in the Rhineland-Palatinate Higher Education Act (Section 2 Para. 2):

"The universities of applied sciences perform their tasks in such a way that the fundamental rights of women and men to equal rights are guaranteed and existing disadvantages for women are eliminated."

In detail, this means:

  • The Equal Opportunities Representative is involved in all personnel decisions such as appointments, hiring and promotions.
  • She advises and supports female university members.
  • She participates in all organizational and social measures that affect female employees, e.g. working hours, part-time work, university structure plans, etc.
  • She is a standing participant in meetings of the committees in an advisory capacity.
  • She participates in the development of supporting measures for the professional development and advancement of women.
  • She is involved in the development of initiatives to increase the proportion of women in all areas where women are under-represented.
  • She supports women's studies and the development of female-specific teaching.
  • She prepares the plans for the advancement of women for the adoption by the Senate.
  • She cooperates with equal opportunities officers of other universities at the state and federal levels, as well as in working groups within and outside the university
  • The Senate Committee on Women's Issues assists the Equal Opportunities Officer in fulfilling her duties.


    Mainz University of Applied Sciences
    Central Equal Opportunity Representative
    Lucy-Hillebrand-Straße 2
    55128 Mainz

    gleichstellung (at)

    Who to contact

    Prof. Susanne Reiß
    Central equal opportunity representative
    T +49 6131 628-1229
    susanne.reiss (at)
    Dr. Rita Rahn
    central equal opportunity representative
    T +49 6131 628-7213
    rita.rahn (at)
    Prof. Alexa Hartig
    Equal opportunity representative - School of Design
    T +49 6131 628-2422
    alexa.hartig (at)
    Portrait Marta Pelegrín
    Prof. Dr. Marta Pelegrin
    Equal opportunity representative - School of Engineering
    Prof. Dr. Stephanie Swartz
    Equal opportunity representative - School of Business