[Translate to English:] Studentin mit Kind auf dem Arm im Foyer am Standort Holzstraße | Foto: Katharina Dubno

[Translate to English:] Foto: Katharina Dubno

Family-friendly university

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Audit: Family-friendly university

Since 2004, our university has been entitled to use the title "Family-friendly university". In 2013, we were once again awarded the "audit family-oriented university" certificate. The family-friendly image stands is an overarching goal for everyone here.

With the auditing, we face up to our social responsibility to guarantee special working and study conditions for parents with children. On the one hand, we want to teach scientific know-how. On the other hand, we want to make the university more attractive as a place of work for female scientists and thus contribute to maintaining its competitiveness.

Who to contact

Prof. Dr. Katharina Dahm
Central equal opportunity representative
T +49 6131 628-3312
katharina.dahm (at) hs-mainz.de
Dr. Rita Rahn
central equal opportunity representative
T +49 6131 628-7213
rita.rahn (at) hs-mainz.de
Prof. Alexa Hartig
Equal opportunity representative - School of Design
T +49 6131 628-2422
alexa.hartig (at) hs-mainz.de
Portrait Marta Pelegrín
Prof. Dr. Marta Pelegrín
Equal opportunity representative - School of Engineering
T +49 6131 628-1224
marta.pelegrin (at) hs-mainz.de
Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Haas
Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Haas
Equal opportunity representative - School of Business
T +49 6131 628-3235
ingeborg.haas (at) hs-mainz.de