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Family-friendly studying and working conditions

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Studying conditions


In many cases, students who care for children or relatives in need of care are not able to devote the time required for their studies under normal circumstances.
In the event of illness, the examination regulations of all degree programs provide for various possibilities for students themselves to extend the submission of their examinations, to notify of illness when it comes to examinations, and, if necessary, to apply to  change the type of coursework and examinations.

The same applies to the care of children and relatives in need of care as well as during pregnancy. Students have the opportunity to extend examination periods according to their individual needs or to plan their studies according to their care responsibilities.

Thus, for example, in the aforementioned cases:

  • Semesters of leave can be applied for which are not counted towards the study periods.
  • Submission of coursework and examinations may be extended by the periods needed.
  • The types of coursework and examination achievements can be changed to an appropriate and necessary extent.

In any case, personal care needs should be brought to the attention of the relevant examination office by means of appropriate certificates or attestations. In the case of pregnancy, the mother's card (Mutterpass) must be presented. The respective students should also make use of the advice of the Equal Opportunities Officers and, if necessary, the Examination Offices at an early stage in order to be able to successfully continue and complete their studies adapted to their individual requirements.

Working conditions

Workplace model

The workplace model contains framework agreements on the activities of employees at another workplace outside Mainz University of Applied Sciences.

In order to improve the reconciliation of family and career, Mainz University of Applied Sciences offers its employees the opportunity to resort to a flexible workplace model in justified cases. The employment or professional relationship in its existing form remains unaffected, only the place of performance is relocated outside the university. The reachability of the employee must be arranged.

The application can be made informally. It should contain a description of the activities not to be performed at Mainz University of Applied Sciences and the period of time requested and is to be submitted to the immediate superior. The approval shall initially not exceed a period of one year. The application may be extended beyond that period.


For more information on the requirements and the procedure, please see the Intranet.

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