Counseling services

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Psychological counseling for students

Claudia Huberti - graduate psychologist, bank clerk, psychological psychotherapist - is available for the School of Business.

Andrea Göpfert - graduate psychologist, psychological psychotherapist, child and adolescent psychotherapist, infant and toddler counselling - is also a contact for the School of Business. In addition, she is responsible for Geoinformatics and Surveying in the School of Engineering.

Stefanie Siebrand - MSc psychologist and psychological psychotherapist in training - is responsible for the School of Design and for the fields of Architecture and Civil Engineering of the School of Engineering at the Holzstraße location.

Who to contact

School of Design, School of Engineering – Departments of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Stefanie Siebrand
Rheinstraße 19 (Holzstraße location)
Room R1.03
06131 628-2030
stefanie.siebrand (at)

School of Business

Claudia Huberti
Room C2.07
06131 628-3134

School of Business, School of Engineering – Dept. of Geoinformatics and Surveying

Andrea Göpfert
Room A0.16
06131 628-3145

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