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In this section you can access a list of references of research- educational, and practical projects of Prof. Dr. Sven Pagel and his team. All of the following projects can be downloaded in form of a list (PDF). You can find the Download on the right hand side. 


sovereign research projects

AI4MediaData smart data management

The aim of the project is to use AI methods to analyze media-relevant data and its use as well as the design of it as a data product networked via knowledge graphs. 

Human Computer Interaction on the test bench

Analysis and validation of the potential of the humanities uses of virtual research environments.


AI in marketing-, automations- and VoD-Systems

Digitalization of local advertising products, which are optimized by means of marketing automation based on digital visibility analyses, as well as recommendations for VoD systems.

IT-Security and Data Protection in Clouds

Analysis of the psychological, organizational-theoretical and technical aspects of IT security and data protection in clouds.

Research College DI-GEST - Shaping Digitalisation: Digital Storytelling

The aim of the project is to identify the opportunities and risks of new digital technologies and making optimal use of targeted change processes. 

Research Area Digital Innovation

A collective of innovative research groups of the University of Applied Sciences Mainz.