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Cooperative Doctorates

Application-oriented research

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General Conditions

As a university of applied sciences, Mainz University of Applied Sciences does not have the right to award doctorates of its own.

Within the framework of a "cooperative doctorate", however, it is also possible to do a doctorate under the supervision of Mainz University of Applied Sciences. As a rule, a mentoring tandem consisting of a professor from the institution entitled to award the doctorate (university) and our university is formed.

The requirements for cooperation depend on the doctoral regulations of the university. The university also sets the requirements for the graduate. Despite the equality of master's degrees, the faculties and departments of the universities themselves regulate the details of admission requirements via their doctoral regulations. Here, requirements can be defined and the possible admission of diploma and bachelor graduates can be determined. Therefore, an individual review of the general conditions cannot be avoided.

Depending on the respective school at our university, contractually arranged possibilities for cooperative doctoral studies already exist.


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