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Cooperative Doctorates

Since universities do not have their own right to award doctorates, Mainz University of Applied Sciences offers doctoral studies in cooperation with universities. You can complete a structured doctoral program with London South Bank University or an individual cooperative doctorate with other universities. In recent years, for example, there have been doctoral studies at the universities of Weimar, Koblenz-Landau and Mainz.

London South Bank UniversityGreat BritainProf. Dr. Herbert PaulDifferent Perspectives on Strategizing (Strategy Tools)
London South Bank UniversityGreat BritainProf. Dr. Herbert PaulDo Divestments create Shareholder Value in D-A-CH-region companies?
London South Bank UniversityGreat BritainProf. Dr. Lydia BalsEnsuring sustainability in global value chains: Buyer competencies in light of current and future requirements 
University of Koblenz- LandauGermanyProf. Dr. Elmar KonradSuccess factors in the cultural and creative industries
University MainzGermanyProf. Dr. Gunther PillerIdentification and evaluation of data and technology driven analytical applications
University of Erlangen-NürnbergGermanyProf. Dr. Sven PagelDigital reading media
University of WeimarGermanyProf. Dr. Oliver MauronerData-based product innovations: Big data as a strategic competitive factor
University of TrierGermanyProf. Dr. Oliver MauronerEntrepreneurship
University of WeimarGermanyProf. Dr. Oliver MauronerSharing economy
Twente UniversityThe NetherlandsProf. Dr. Sven PagelSocial influence factors in shopping environments

Programs in Cooperation with London South Bank University, London, UK

London South Bank University offers a postgraduate research study programme leading to a PhD degree in cooperation with Mainz University of Applied Sciences.

Within the programme, students develop and conduct their own comprehensive research project. They are coached by experienced supervisors, one from Mainz University of Applied Sciences and a Director of Studies from London South Bank University, and are able to produce their thesis in either traditional form or through publication.

The part-time programme and key skills development are designed for a period of four to five years. London South Bank University charges an annual tuition fee of approximately 4,754 Euro (as per May 2017).

Applicants to the cooperative PhD programme are expected to have a master’s degree in the field of Business Administration and must have achieved a grade point average of at least 1.5 or better (German grading system) for the master’s degree.

They must show proof of a profound command of the English language and submit IELTS test score results of 7 or above (not older than two years). Moreover, applicants must have obtained their master’s degree from the School of Business at Mainz University of Applied Sciences or be employed by Mainz University of Applied Sciences.

In order to succeed in this demanding PhD programme, applicants should have a strong commitment to and interest in conducting research, as well as a high level of self-motivation.

  1. Different Perspectives on Strategizing – Theory and Practical Use of Strategy Tools
  2. Do Divestments Create Shareholder Value? An Analysis of the German-speaking Market
  3. Ensuring Sustainability in Global Value Chains: Buyer Competencies in Light of Current and Future Requirements 

The Program Director for the cooperative PhD programme on the Mainz side is Prof. Dr. Herbert Paul.

The programme is supported by Michaela Hausdorf, MA in Management, and Research Coordinator within the School of Business.

Interested students should contact Michaela Hausdorf for more information.

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You have completed your master's degree in economics with outstanding results, have a connection to Latin America and now you want to do your doctorate? Then this cooperative doctorate program may be right for you.  

The "doctorado en ciencias empresariales y sociales" is a doctoral program established at the Universidad de Ciencias Sociales y Sociales (UCES). It was accredited in December by the Argentine accreditation authority CONEAU as a cooperative doctoral procedure with Mainz University of Applied Sciences. The CONEAU has "co-opted" professors from the business faculty of Mainz University of Applied Sciences in their function as teachers, supervisors, and examiners. A professor from Mainz University of Applied Sciences is a member of the doctoral committee (comisión del doctorado) of UCES.

The doctoral program is conceived as a part-time study program and, in the first two years, in addition to developing the research concept, includes attending classes on research theory and methodology, as well as on the content of the planned research work. The second period will also last two years and will be devoted exclusively to research and the preparation of the dissertation (tesis).

The doctoral thesis can be written in Spanish, English or Portuguese. Good knowledge of the Spanish language is required as some parts of the program are held in Spanish during the first two years. The courses take place either online or as face-to-face courses in Mainz. Graduates of Mainz master's degree programs in International Business (MA.AA and MA.IB) can take part in all remaining courses online.

Depending on the research topic, the research work is supervised by professors from Mainz University of Applied Sciences or UCES. The defence (disputation) of the work takes place before a three-member examination committee in Buenos Aires.

The title "Doctor en ciencias empresariales y sociales" is awarded by the UCES - the certificate refers to the cooperation with Mainz University of Applied Sciences. This title shall be registered and used in Germany as "Dr. (UCES, Buenos Aires)". Due to the lack of an equivalence agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Argentina, it is not possible under current law to register the title on the German identity card.

Degree: Doctor en Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales (UCES; Buenos Aires)

Standard period of study: 4 years

Starting semester: March

Application deadline: December 31

Language: German, English, Spanish


Metodología de la investigación social

Métodos cuantitativos

Sociedad, ética y negocios

Taller de tesis I – III

Seminarios de formación específica (abhängig vom Forschungsthema)

After extensive preliminary interviews with Prof. Dr. Schüle, interested applicants apply with the usual documents and a first project outline. The UCES Promotion Committee decides on admission. With the admission you also acquire the right to attend classroom courses in Buenos Aires (for example as intensive courses in January and July).

The tuition fees for the standard course are EUR 10,000, of which EUR 2,250 per semester (EUR 1,125 each to Mainz University of Applied Sciences and UCES) must be paid during the first two years. The remaining EUR 1,000 will be collected by UCES in the third year.

A fee of approximately EUR 300 is currently charged for the issue of the certificate by UCES and the Ministry of Science in Argentina. In addition, fees for visas and police clearance certificates may be incurred.

Please contact Prof. Dr. Schüle: ulrich.schuele (at)    


Mainz University of Applied Sciences
Lucy-Hillebrand-Straße 2
55128 Mainz 

Overview of Important Documents and Links to Doctoral Studies

General Information (only available in German)

  • Qualitätszirkel Promotion (2014): Gemeinsam die Promotion gestalten, Handlungsempfehlungen für Betreuende und Promovierende
  • Stock, S., Schneider, P., Peper, E., Molitor, E. (2014):  Erfolgreich Promovieren, Heidelberg, Springer.

Seminars (Research & Theory)


Seminars on research and theory


Seminars on theory

Who to contact

Prof. Dr. Herbert Paul
Program Director LSBU Cooperation
T +49 6131 628-3241
herbert.paul (at)
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schüle
Cooerative Doctorates with UCES
T +49 6131 628-3253
ulrich.schuele (at)