[Translate to English:] Blick von Mainz-Kastel auf das Rheinufer und den Dom von Mainz

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Studying in Mainz

Mainz - The City of Gutenberg

All of the routes are short here: from Mainz as a university location to the banking metropolis of Frankfurt, from Hessen’s capital of Wiesbaden to the beautiful hills of Rhine-Hesse, from Frankfurt Airport to the rest of the world.

It is the combination of economic power, scenic diversity and a rich culture that makes the Rhine-Main region particularly attractive for many people. Its central and convenient location is just as interesting for companies as it is for students and people in the cultural arena. The Rhine-Main region is an interesting media location, and with good reason - here you can find ZDF, SWR and HR, as well as the Rhein-Main publishing group and the F.A.Z.-Verlag.

Mainz, the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate, also has many attractive sides. Its beautiful location on the river and the historic old town are typical trademarks of the world-famous Gutenberg city, as are Fastnacht, wine, media and the Mainz 05 soccer club.

In addition to lifestyle and traditions, however, science in Mainz has also developed into a characteristic that contributes to its identity. And with good reason: around 40,000 students are enrolled at the three universities, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz University of Applied Sciences and Mainz Catholic University of Applied Sciences, making the city one of the most important university locations in Germany.


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