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German higher education entrance qualifications

Dialog-oriented Service Procedure (DOSV)

The dialog-oriented service procedure (DoSV) coordinates the allocation of undergraduate degree program placements with locally restricted admissions on a national level. The background behind this is the current multiple occupancy of study placements by applicants applying to several universities. The advantage of the procedure is that as an applicant, you have a central point of contact for all applications submitted to the DoSV – the platform  – and can view their status there at any time.

Further information on the DoSV procedure and the application procedure for DoSV degree programs can be found at


The degree program you have chosen participates in the dialog-oriented service procedure.

Before you can apply in the application portal of Mainz University of Applied Sciences, you must register at and then receive a BID (applicant identification number) and a BAN (applicant authorization number).

Please note that you can also use your user account created by registering at for applications in later procedures. Any additional registration would constitute an invalid multiple registration. If you already have a BID and a BAN from from a previous application, you can use them for online applications on the application portal of Mainz University of Applied Sciences.

Please note that multiple registrations at are not permitted. Should you have registered more than once, a decision will only be made regarding the applications submitted with the most recent registration. Surplus registrations including all of the related applications will be deleted and will not be considered in the remaining process steps. Deletion cannot be reversed.


First register with the central coordination office at There you will be guided to the portal of via the button Registration and application for degree programs with local admission restrictions. Click on the button Application portal on the left side of the page to enter the application portal. To register at, please click on Registration. After you have successfully registered, you will receive an e-mail containing, among other things, the activation link. By using the activation link within 72 hours after receipt, you successfully complete your registration at By clicking on the Home button, you log in with your user name and password. Under the My data button you will find your applicant identification number (BID) and the corresponding applicant authorization number (BAN). Make a note of your BID and BAN, as you will have to enter these numbers when applying on the university's online portal. Your personal details are automatically transferred after entering the BID and BAN when you register on the university's application portal.

Note: Changes of address and other personal data can only be done via


A user account is set up for you when registering at Your user account is where the information on all of your applications to the degree programs that participate in the dialog-oriented service procedure comes together. Your applications are reconciled in a database shared by the participating universities. After the allocation process for study places at a university, which is individual to each university, is concluded at the respective participating universities, the offers of admission from different universities are made available to you in your user account. This provides you with an overview of the status of your applications so you can decide which admission offer to accept.

Please note that you can also use the user account you have set up during your registration for applications in later processes. An additional registration would cause a prohibited multiple registration. Do you have any questions about registering on You can find more information at or send an email to service(at)


Before you can start your application, you must first register on the online portal of the University and set up an applicant account. To do so, click on the link Register now on the homepage of the application portal and enter your personal data there.

Please note: If you registered beforehand via, you can easily import the data you entered there into the University's portal after entering your BID and BAN by clicking on Import data.

You will be prompted to select a password and you will receive an email after completing the registration procedure. Use the link in the email to activate your account, and then you can begin your application. Please ensure that you have access to your user data (user name and password) at all times.

After you have registered and logged in, you will be guided through the application step by step. All obligatory answers are marked with an asterisk (*). If you need assistance with the individual input fields you can click on the info icon. Should you still have any technical questions or questions related to your studies, please contact zulassung(at)

You may submit three equivalent applications under one applicant number.

You can interrupt the online application at any time and begin again at a later point, if you have to research some information, for example. The information you have entered will be saved. The status of the application is then in preparation. You can only work on the application and the related information up until you have submitted it by clicking on Submit application. Please check your information once again before final submission. After submission, changes can only be made when the application has been withdrawn. You may then resubmit it with the corrected information.

You can submit another application for a different degree program at any time up until the application deadline by clicking on the button Add application. Submitted applications are initially assigned the status of received. You will be informed by email about every change in the status of your application and referred to the application portal.

You will also receive an email from in case of any status changes to applications as part of the dialog-oriented service procedure.

Print the written version of your application by clicking on Application letter. Furthermore, on our homepage you can find out what additional documents need to be submitted as hard copies.

Please send your signed, written application, including hard copies of all documents to be submitted, to

Mainz University of Applied Sciences
Office of Student Affairs
Lucy-Hillebrand-Straße 2
55128 Mainz

You can get an overview of the respective processing status of your applications via the application portal of Mainz University of Applied Sciences and on The exporting of data from the University to takes place several times a day. Changes on the central page of may be displayed with a time delay. Please note that changes to the central page of are not necessarily always immediately visible.


After submission of your application, in the later course of the procedure you can see the status of your application, as well as any documents that may be missing. You can accept a possible offer of admission from the Mainz University of Applied Sciences Mainz via the application portal of

After you have declared acceptance of the offer of admission from Mainz University of Applied Sciences via the application portal of, you will then receive a letter of admission from Mainz University of Applied Sciences by regular mail.
You can also find more detailed information on the application procedure in the dialog-oriented service procedure on the website of the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (University Admissions Foundation) at


Links Foundation for Admission to Higher Education

Information on applying

After you have registered on the application portal, you begin putting your application together. Here you choose your desired degree and field of study. For all bachelor’s degree programs, the subject-related semester is always predefined as the 1st subject-related semester. If you have already completed periods of study at a German university, the University of Applied Sciences Mainz reserves the right to allocate students to the respective subject-related semester using the documents provided.

When you have entered all of your information, you will find your application under Applications in preparation. You can only make changes to your application up until you have clicked on Submit application, thus taking the first step by submitting it online. You can submit additional applications for other degree programs by clicking on Add application. You may submit up to three applications to Mainz University of Applied Sciences. To make changes to an application that has not yet been submitted, click on Edit application

After doing so, you can no longer edit this application. Should you wish to change any information or you have noticed a mistake, you have to click on Withdraw application. Subsequently, this application will not be processed by the University until you resubmit it.

Under Submitted applications you will find the applications you have submitted online. Click on Application letter in the information window under Submitted applications to get a printable PDF file. You will find the documents to be submitted in paper form with the application letter on the pages of the degree program you are applying to.

Please send the complete, signed hard copy of the application documents, including the printed application letter, to the address stipulated in the application. To be able to make any subsequent changes to general and personal information that applies to all applications, you have to withdraw the applications and resubmit them, so please check your information thoroughly before submitting it.

If all of the information is correct, click on Submit application.


  • Study history
    Under Study history please enter whether you have already studied at one or more German universities and whether you have already completed a degree at a German university. The degree program is considered completed if you have completed or will complete all the required academic and/or examination achievements during the current semester of submitting your application.
    If you are a new student, please enter 0 (zero) here
  • Vocational education
    Under Vocational education please enter whether you have already completed vocational training.
  • Have you completed public/military service?
    Under Completed public/military service, please enter whether you have completed public or military service (such as the German armed forces, civil service, federal voluntary service). Applicants who have completed service will be given preference in the admission procedure in cases where the data is the same otherwise (such as the same grades and same waiting period).


When writing your first application, you must indicate a higher education entrance qualification.

You will generally only have acquired one of these qualifications, such as the Abitur or Fachabitur. If you have more than one higher education entrance qualification, you can enter several of these qualifications, one after another, and allocate them to the respective applications. If you have any questions about this, please contact us by email at

As long as you have not yet submitted an application, you can still edit the data. If the higher education entrance qualification is allocated to one or more applications, the editing function is deactivated. If you want to change your information or have noticed mistakes, you will need to withdraw your application first. As a result, this application will not be processed by the University until you resubmit it.


You can informally submit a hardship application, an application to improve your grade and/or to improve your waiting period. Should you make the respective applications, please submit the supporting documents together with your application materials to Mainz University of Applied Sciences.


Edit address
The University requires a postal address that is marked as the correspondence address: This is the address we will send your documents to. If you enter more than one address, one of them must be marked as the correspondence address.

Edit email address
The University requires an email address that is marked as the correspondence address. This is the address that will be used to inform you about changes in the status of your application, for example. If you enter more than one email address, one of them must be marked as the correspondence address.

Print test sheet
You can easily check the information you have entered by exporting the test sheet as a PDF file. It shows you the information on your application at a glance. To do this, you will need a PDF program (such as Adobe Acrobat).


Application portal

Online application portal to apply to study at Mainz University of Applied Sciences

Apply now

Documents to be submitted

  • Chronological, signed curriculum vitae with no missing periods of time
  • Certificate of possible military or civilian service, federal voluntary service completed


Certificate of

  • General higher education entrance qualification
  • Subject-specific higher education entrance qualification
  • Entrance qualification for university of applied sciences

Depending on the form of attainment of the university of applied sciences entrance qualification:

  • Certificate of qualification for university of applied sciences (school component)
  • Proof of completed vocational training (IHK or HWK examination certificate, journeyman's certificate or journeyman's examination certificate)
  • Proof of vocational training as an assistant (vocational school, vocational college lasting several years)
  • Proof of the internship necessary to obtain the university of applied sciences entrance qualification - to be issued by the internship company (with exact details of the period as well as details of activity, area of employment and weekly working hours). If the internship has not been completed by the application deadline, preliminary proof of the date by which the internship will be completed must be submitted.

Applicants with qualified vocational training and work experience as well as applicants who have passed a master craftsman examination or a comparable advanced training examination must submit the following documents:

  • Proof of vocational training completed with a qualified result (officially certified copy)
    • Final certificate of the Chamber with information on the scores (officially certified copy)
    • Vocational school graduation certificate (officially certified copy)
  • Proof of the training examination - if available (officially certified copy)
  • Original documentation as proof of a relevant, professional or comparable activity of two years (type, duration, place) by the employer
  • Proof that you have passed the master craftsman's examination or equivalent examination including the total score (officially certified copy)


The first semester is always preset as the subject semester for all bachelor' s degree programs. If you have already completed periods of study at a university, Mainz University of Applied Sciences reserves the right to final classification into the semester on the basis of the documents to be submitted.

Applying with previous study periods

Applicants with previous periods of study in Germany or abroad must submit the following documents in addition to the required documents in due time when applying to our university. This applies to all previous degree programs in which you were or are enrolled.

  • Clearance certificate (in German)
  • Clearance certificate for curricula at foreign universities (in English)
  • Proof of achievement / grade chart with indication of the ECTS credits, grade, number of attempts including the failed achievements with indication of the provisional grade point average of your achievements to date.
  • Exmatriculation certificate of all degree programs in which you were previously enrolled. If you are still enrolled by the application deadline, you can submit your application at the time of enrollment - at the latest by 15 October for the winter semester and by the end of the first week of April for the summer semester.

Depending on the semester for which you are applying, this document relating to the individual achievements may not be issued before 15 May for the winter semester or 15 November for the summer semester (in German).

  • Summary of the individual modules including the ECTS credits (in German)
  • Curriculum (in German)

If you are still enrolled at another university at the time of application and are able to complete achievements there, you must, in the case of admission to Mainz University of Applied Sciences, provide a current clearance certificate and current proof of achievements / grade point average including the failed achievements after the grading of the last examination achievement by the previous university again without being asked. This must be done by October 15 for the winter semester and by the end of the first week of April for the summer semester at the Office of Student Affairs of Mainz University of Applied Sciences.

Subject-related semester and credit recognition

Recognition of achievements from previous periods of study takes into account both passed and failed attempts. If necessary, you may be required at a later date to submit documents for all exam achievements that have been completed and then also evaluated.

Recognition is formally granted by the respective examination board. In the case of admission to a higher semester, you will receive notification of the placement semester via the notification of admission. If you are placed in the first semester, please contact the student advisory service of the respective department for recognition of achievements.

Please note that in this case admission is subject to the condition precedent that the explicitly requested documents are submitted in full, on time and ready for examination within the enrollment period or any other period specified by the university in the notification of admission and that the examination of the documents by the university leads to a positive examination result.
If a positive examination result cannot be certified, the notification of admission issued under the condition precedent shall have no legal effect. There is no right to enrollment and there will be no special decision on this.


Specifically for applicants with foreign academic qualifications and existing recognition in Germany

  • Foreign academic qualifications
  • Translation of foreign academic qualifications
  • Recognition of foreign academic qualifications in Germany
  • Average grade of the foreign academic qualification (converted to the German grading system)
  • Certificate of the preparatory college if you have attended the preparatory college
  • Residence permit (for applicants from non-EU member countries)

Level B2 is required for the application and verified by:

  • Test German as a Foreign Language (TestDaF)-TDN 3 in all parts of the examination
  • German language examination for university entrance at least level 1 (DSH-1)
  • Goethe certificate at least B2
  • German Language Diploma DSD II
  • telc German B2


If you apply and are admitted to the first and second semesters, proof of language skills can be submitted by the end of the second semester. The required language skills are not a prerequisite for admission for the first and second semester.

Applicants placed in the 3rd or later semester must submit proof in one of the following forms by the application deadline.

Proof must be provided in one of the following forms:

  • General or subject-related higher education entrance qualification with at least a basic English Abitur course with at least 'good' or with at least 10 grade points (arithmetic mean of the last two scores shown on the certificate)
  • General or subject-related higher education entrance qualification with at least an advanced course of English in the Abitur with at least 'satisfactory' or at least 7 grade points (arithmetic mean of the last two scores shown on the certificate)
  • University of applied sciences entrance qualification with at least 'good' or with at least 10 grade points in English
  • TOEFL iBT with at least Level B1 (as of 2008)
  • TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) with at least level B1
  • OOPT (Oxford Online Placement Test) at Mainz University of Applied Sciences only, with at least level B1 + (as of August 2012)
  • Further requirements for English language skills, which the School of Business has defined for all bachelor's degree programs, can be found under:




Additionally required documents

    • Diploma and diploma certificate or bachelor's certificate and bachelor's degree with grade point average (decimal point)
    • If the documents are not yet available and the grade of the final examination of the first degree program has not been verified, the result of the final examination is evaluated with "1 point" when determining the measurement number for the selection for a second degree program.
    • Reasons for enrolling in a second degree program


    • Written application for admission due to extraordinary hardship

    The reasons for the application must be justified in writing and supported by relevant documents.


    • Written application to improve the average grade and/or waiting time

    The reasons for the application must be justified in writing and supported by relevant documents.