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The most important information at a glance


  • Well-founded teaching of the academic fundamentals of business administration
  • Development of methodological competence
  • Further development of social skills, in particular the ability of self-management and group work
  • Dual qualification at companies and universities
  • Studying part-time on the job combines experience from academia and practical work
  • Integration of project- and case-oriented work
  • Teaching and learning in manageable groups (usually a maximum of 40 students)

Areas of specialization

In addition to teaching core business administration skills, an initial specialization is possible:

  • by choosing two electives in the 5th and 6th semesters from a wide range of topics (around 20 electives offered each semester)
  • two company workshops to further explore important and current topics


Expansion of language and intercultural skills using

  • Lectures in the English language and additionally selectable English language courses
  • Additional language offers
  • Possible stay abroad in the 5th or 6th semester
  • International contextual reference in the modules
  • Summer schools
  • 60 foreign cooperation universities

Practical orientation

The practical relevance of the dual part-time program is additionally reinforced by

  • Lecturers from the field
  • Lectures with a strong practical orientation
  • Guest lectures in the compulsory events
  • Internal university events with business professionals
  • Conferences and workshops for the exchange of research and practice
  • Project tasks from practice for semester papers and bachelor theses


Sie haben in jeder Woche i.d.R. 16 Stunden Vorlesungen. Hierbei sind die Vorlesungstage grundsätzlich nicht geblockt. Das ermöglicht Ihnen, das in den Vorlesungen erlernte Wissen vor- und nachzubereiten. Erfahrungsgemäß sind Ihre Lernerfolge durch dieses Zeitmodell besser.

Ihre Vorlesungen finden regelmäßig

  • samstags von 8:15 bis 15:15 Uhr sowie
  • dienstags von 13:30 bis 20:15 Uhr (bei Studienbeginn zum Wintersemester) oder
  • donnerstags von 13:30 bis 20:15 Uhr (bei Studienbeginn zum Sommersemester)

statt. Im 5. Semester besuchen Sie zudem ein 3-tägiges Unternehmensplanspiel.

Special services

  • Student-friendly office hours of academic advisory services
  • Individual student counselling
  • Mentoring and tutoring programs
  • Career Center (placement, advisory services, training)
  • Reaudited family-friendly university
  • Childcare services (day care center, childminder network)
  • Encouragement of special achievements through various competitions


For companies: 400 Euro per semester
For students: approx. 300 Euro per semester. The fee includes the semester ticket for the greater Frankfurt/ Wiesbaden/Mainz area and services of the Studierendenwerk.