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Key Areas

With our compulsory lectures you will acquire comprehensive and far-reaching expertise in business law, which will enable you to get a good start in the various areas of business law.

A large number of our graduates in business law (LL.B.) are professionally successful in the fields of employment law and HR management, compliance, tax law and accounting.

You therefore have the option of using our focus areas

  • Labour Law and Human Resources Management or
  • Compliance and White-Collar Criminal Law or
  • Tax Law and Accounting

to acquire a specialized profile with these skills sought after in the employment market.

A specialization will be indicated in your certificate if you successfully complete three electives from the respective specialization area within the selection of electives (6th and 7th semester).

You can further intensify your specialization within the framework of various guest lectures and field trips as well as your 16-week internship and the preparation of your bachelor's thesis.