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The Most Important Information At A Glance


  • Well-founded teaching of the legal working method
  • Comprehensive training in private business law and in the fundamentals of business and economics
  • Clear focus on the practice-relevant areas of national and international business law
  • Possibility of choosing specializations
  • Pronounced internationality
  • Clear practical relevance
  • Further development of social skills

Areas of Specialization

  • Employment Law and HR Management
  • Compliance and White Collar Criminal Law
  • Tax Law and Accounting


  • Compulsory stay abroad as part of an internship or degree program in the 5th semester
  • Optional (additional) semester abroad in the 6th semester
  • Degree-related lectures in English
  • A wide range of languages (English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish)
  • International areas of specialization
  • Summer Schools
  • 90 international partner universities

Practical Orientation

  • Lecturers with practical experience
  • Lectures with a strong practical orientation
  • Regular and diverse company field trips
  • Internal university events with business professionals
  • Foreign internships
  • Conferences and workshops for the exchange of research and practice
  • Project tasks from the practice for semester and bachelor's theses
  • Participation in competitions

Special Services

  • Individual student advisory service
  • Regular company field trips
  • Examinatorium in the 6th and 7th semester
  • Diverse tutorials
  • Mentoring programs
  • Broad offer of electives
  • Career Center (consulting, seminars, information, exclusive job portal)
  • Promotion of special achievements through various competitions
  • Very broad range of sports from aikido to yoga, in terms of health and general sports, as well as competitive sports activities
  • Family-friendliness, child-care services