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The most important information at a glance


  • Acquisition of business and management skills in three working languages (German, French, English)
  • Two semesters at the University of Lorraine in Metz, two semesters at Mainz University of Applied Sciences
  • Target group: Bachelor graduates of non-economics degree programs (maximum 1/3 of the ECTS credits of the previous bachelor's program from economics modules)
  • Integrated internships in companies in the Franco-German economic area
  • Development of valuable intercultural skills due to the multilingual and international study and work environment
  • Integration of science and practice with a focus on Franco-German economic relations
  • Teaching and learning in manageable groups (max. 30 students)
  • Degree program recognized and funded by the Franco-German University (DFH). Students receive a mobility allowance during their stay abroad

Number of students

  • Approximately 15 students per year are accepted per university.
  • The bi-national group of around 30 students enables intensive learning and scientific work. 

    Practical orientation

    • Lecturers with obligatory practical experience
    • Establishment of a Franco-German corporate network
    • Lectures and guest lectures with a strong practical orientation
    • Internal university events with business professionals
    • Conferences and workshops for the exchange of research and practice
    • Project tasks from the practice for semester papers and master's theses


    • The degree program is conducted trilingually in German, French and English, with a focus on German and English at Mainz University of Applied Sciences and French and German at Lorraine University.
    • In the 1st and 2nd semesters: for German students the study stay in Metz as well as the internship phase in a French company, and for French students the internship phase in a German company.
    • In the 3rd and 4th semesters: for French students the study stay in Mainz and for German and French students a possible internship phase in the respective neighboring country.



    Special services

    • Individual student advisory service
    • Company excursions
    • Career Center
    • Mentoring and tutoring programs
    • Re-audited family-friendly university
    • Childcare services (day care center, childminder network)
    • Promotion of special achievements through various competitions

      Additional information

      For more information on the degree program, please visit the website of the University of Lorraine.