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Admission requirements

  • University entrance qualification according to Section 65 of the Higher Education Act.
    You can provide proof of this with:

    • General higher education entrance qualification
    • Subject-specific higher education entrance qualification
    • Entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences
    • Higher education entrance qualification for vocationally qualified people
    • Higher education entrance qualification for people who have passed a master craftsman's examination or a comparable advanced training examination
  • A valid training contract concluded - no later than the application deadline or vocational training completed in one of the following occupations: IT specialist, IT systems management assistant, IT management assistant, media management assistant, media designer, marketing communication specialist, audiovisual media specialist or in a similar profession
  • A cooperation agreement concluded between the company and Mainz University of Applied Sciences

Please note

  • Persons who have completed the school-based part of the university of applied sciences entrance qualification can participate in the application and admission procedures for this dual study program.
  • Proof of English language skills (no admission requirements for the first and second semester).
  • Throughout your studies, you will be employed in a position where you will perform activities relevant to your studies.

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