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Media & Teaching

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General information

Media & Teaching is a technical and instructional advisory office at Mainz University of Applied Sciences with the aim of improving and consolidating instructors' skills in dealing with e-learning technologies.

Among others, we offer the following services:

  • Didactical and technical support for instructors in the use of new teaching/learning technologies
  • Support of students on the user side
  • Training for instructors


    Campus location

    Mainz University of Applied Sciences
    Lucy-Hillebrand-Straße 2
    55128 Mainz

    medienundlehre (at) hs-mainz.de

    Holz­stra­ße location

    Mainz University of Applied Sciences
    Holzstraße 36
    55116 Mainz

    VCRP - Virtual Campus Rhineland-Palatinate
    e-teaching.org - university education using digital media

    Who to contact

    Florence De Boni
    School of Business
    T +49 6131 628-7322
    florence.deboni (at) hs-mainz.de
    Daniel Bayer
    Daniel Bayer
    Central Administration
    T +49 6131 628-7327
    daniel.bayer (at) hs-mainz.de
    Alessandra Reß
    Central Administration
    T +49 6131 628-7324
    alessandra.ress (at) hs-mainz.de
    Prof. Dr. Anett Mehler-Bicher
    eLearning Coordinator - School of Business
    T +49 6131 628-7011
    anett.bicher (at) hs-mainz.de
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Böhm
    eLearning Coordinator - School of Engineering
    T +49 6131 628-1431
    klaus.boehm (at) hs-mainz.de
    Prof. Holger Reckter
    eLearning Coordinator - School of Design
    T +49 6131 628-2215
    holger.reckter (at) hs-mainz.de
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