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Photo: Simon Rohlmann

Simon Rohlmann – Tandem Professorship for IT-Security/ Information Security

Simon Rohlmann has held a Tandem Professorship for IT Security/Information Security at the School of Business since April 2023

What prompted you to switch to Mainz University of Applied Sciences?

One of the main reasons for me to switch was the strong focus on practice-oriented teaching at universities of applied sciences. I have always enjoyed working directly with my students to prepare them for real-life professional challenges. At Mainz University of Applied Sciences, I can pursue this practical orientation even more intensively. Moreover, I appreciate the smaller group sizes, which allows for personal attention and individual support for the students.

What do you find most appealing about your new position?

The position as Tandem Professor of IT Security/Information Security at Mainz University of Applied Sciences allows me to combine the two worlds of research and teaching with my work as an expert in a consulting firm for security-critical applications. This offers me a unique combination and combines theory with practice. The biggest attraction is being able to apply theoretical knowledge from teaching directly to the practical world of industry and vice versa. As a tandem professor, I can pass on my knowledge to students and research new security concepts. At the same time, working in the industry enables me to apply and refine this knowledge in real-world, safety-critical scenarios.

What topic would you like to exchange ideas with students on in a casual setting?

One topic I would love to discuss with students in a casual setting is the fascinating area where IT security and artificial intelligence (AI) intersect. This topic is not only highly relevant, it also offers a wealth of exciting discussion points: How can AI be used to develop more comprehensive and more precise security measures? What are the challenges and risks involved, and how can we ensure that these technologies are not used against us? How might malicious actors use AI to develop new and more sophisticated attacks? What methods are needed to protect against such threats?