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This content is only partially available in English.

hOERsaal competition

It’s your tOERn! New OER creative competition for students at Mainz University of Applied Sciences

In ancient Europe, there was no distinct term for the color blue. Every single water molecule has a surface tension. And the city of Cincinnati has had underground tunnels with platforms for a hundred years, but trains never ran on them.

In their studies, students constantly encounter such interesting or curious facts that are hardly known outside the school. With hOERsaal, the OER creative competition for students, the Competence Center for Innovation in Studies and Teaching encourages students at Mainz University of Applied Sciences to share these facts with others.

The prerequisite is that the fact, chosen by the students themselves, be illustrated. This can be in the form of a complete learning graphic, as well as a diagram, a table, ... . The possibilities are vast. The complete project should be made available as JPEG/JPG, PNG or PDF on the OpenEdu-RLP platform and given an OER license.

The 6 submissions from each of the university’s schools that convince the judges the most will each receive 100 Euros.

You can find more detailed information and the conditions for entry in the competition text (in German).

You will also find a link to a folder where we have collected information materials, examples, and tutorials on the topic of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Creative Commons.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

If you have any questions, please contact the Media & Teaching team at medienundlehre (at)

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