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Project "Internationalisation at Home" receives DAAD funding

Successful application for funding as part of the "HAW.International" call for proposals from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Almost half a million euros will be available to Mainz University of Applied Sciences over the next two years for the implementation of the project "Internationalisation at Home" - I@H.


Internationalization has been high on the list of priorities at Mainz University of Applied Sciences for many years. Previous measures, however, were mainly related to the mobility of students and university staff, for example as part of the Erasmus program. After all, Mainz University of Applied Sciences maintains contact with more than 90 partner universities worldwide. In addition, there are double degree programs with partner universities in France and Argentina. 

Since a stay abroad is often difficult to organize, especially for part-time students and those studying while working, as well as for students with fewer financial resources, health restrictions or family obligations, internationalization will now also take place "at home"! This also includes employees who find it difficult to combine a stay abroad with their work obligations. The goal is to offer all members of the university - students and employees alike - a customized program and to strengthen the university's international network. 

The project

The HAW International project is based on three pillars:

    • Expanding language and intercultural skills, for example in the area of German as a foreign language and English for university employees.
    • Developing and institutionalizing an international guest lecturer program 
    • Increasing digitalization both in teaching ("blended learning") and in the administration.

The activities of each pillar consistently permeate all levels and status groups of the university - teaching staff, students, administration. By involving all three departments, the project also aims to unleash previously untapped synergies in order to initiate and implement innovations in teaching, research, and all organizational units involved.

Thanks to the successful obtaining of DAAD funding, Mainz University of Applied Sciences will be able to significantly expand its activities in the area of internationalization in 2021 and 2022. 

The project team

Prof. Dr. Alfons Buchmann, Dr. Karin Ewert-Kling, Anne Lambert, Prof. Dr. Regina Stephan, Prof. Dr. Stephanie Swartz