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This content is only partially available in English.

The war in Ukraine

Statement by Mainz University of Applied Sciences

Mainz University of Applied Sciences stands for openness, tolerance and respect toward one another across all national borders. This means that we express our clear opposition to the actions of the Russian government, and we do so without equating the country and its people with their government.

The violent escalation of the conflict has rendered us speechless, and we condemn it in the strongest possible terms.

We are deeply concerned for the welfare of the families and loved ones of members of our university who call Ukraine home. To be able to provide the support needed, we are in close contact with the affected members of the university community and working together to find ways forward for the coming weeks.

We are also closely coordinating with others when it comes to measures that go beyond the personal level, especially with the DAAD. We are also in close contact with the universities in Rhineland-Palatinate to coordinate relief measures in keeping with their needs.

To help alleviate at least some of the hardships in the near future with donations, the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) has published relevant information under the category Emergency Aid Ukraine (Nothilfe Ukraine): (only available in German).

We recommend making use of these established structures.


Update on 08/11/2022:

Mainz University of Applied Sciences would like to thank the many staff members who provided broad support in organizing and implementing relief efforts.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all those who are helping, especially those responsible for the "Orientation Program" for students and prospective students who have fled the war in Ukraine, those who are providing advice and support (for instance, assistance in dealing with authorities, providing translations and helping students find their way around our university) and, last but not least, all the volunteers who are providing support in a wide variety of ways.


Update on 03/31/2022:

Support for refugee students and prospective students

Mainz University of Applied Sciences continues to follow the developments in Ukraine with great concern and dismay.

We have established a working group to coordinate all activities so that we can respond to the dynamically changing situation. In addition, many university staff and students have answered the call to be added to a list of volunteers who can be called upon to help flexibly and according to need.

At present, we are also working on structures for refugee students and prospective students. We are creating an orientation program to offer refugees flexible access to German language courses and intercultural opportunities. In addition, participation in ongoing classes will be enabled on a case-by-case basis. With regard to the winter semester, there will also be a possibility to submit a regular application.

You can find all additional information and contact details on the following website:

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