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University Leadership

Am 1. März haben Prof. Kerstin Molter und Prof. Gregor Ade ihr Amt als Vizepräsidentin bzw. als Vizepräsident der Hochschule Mainz angetreten. (Foto Prof. Kerstin Molter: Hochschule Mainz / Vanessa Liebler; Foto Prof. Gregor Ade: Dominic Driessen)

The new Vice Presidents take office

On March 1st, Professor Kerstin Molter and Professor Gregor Ade took office as Vice Presidents of Mainz University of Applied Sciences. Kerstin Molter has been a Professor of Construction and Design in the Architecture program at Mainz University of Applied Sciences since 2013 and will succeed Professor Dr. Regina Stephan as head of the Department of Studies and Teaching. Gregor Ade, Professor of Corporate Identity, Corporate Design and Typography in the Communication Design program, is responsible for the newly created Communications and Transfer Department. 

“We are delighted that the university leadership team is additionally supported by two new members with a wealth of expertise,” said Professor Dr. Susanne Weissman, President of Mainz University of Applied Sciences. “By establishing a third vice-president position for the Communications and Transfer Department, we are sending a clear signal that we view communications as a strategic task that is of paramount importance for the future of the university.”

Kerstin Molter emphasizes that the area of studies and teaching must be viewed in the context of the challenges facing society as a whole. “Universities have a key role to play in preparing students for the processes of change that are taking place in all areas of life and work. Digitalization is one such ubiquitous challenge,” the new Vice President notes. “Teaching needs to bring together the qualities of analog and digital educational processes and learning venues such that they complement each other in the best possible way. Overcoming the boundaries of disciplines, tackling tasks in constantly changing contexts through exchange with partners from the business, scientific and cultural communities will be the defining conditions for studies and teaching. I look forward to pursuing this goal together with the members of our university.” 

Gregor Ade, a proven expert in the field of corporate identity and communication strategy, intends to focus on building the profile of Mainz University of Applied Sciences. “Mainz University of Applied Sciences is setting an example by emphasizing the topic of communication in the university leadership: A consistent appearance, clear messages, transparent communication both externally and internally, and the communication of the many and varied results from research and teaching are becoming increasingly important for our institution. I am very pleased to be able to bring my diverse experience in the field of strategic communication and corporate identity to the office of Vice President.”