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Mainz Research Alliance

Since 2008 the MAINZ RESEARCH ALLIANCE represents the broad and high-quality research and technology know-how in and around Mainz. There is a considerable concentration of five universities, including university medical schools, two Max Planck Institutes, internationally renowned research institutes and companies with a high level of research and development expertise such as Boehringer Ingelheim. With nearly 4,000 scientists, these research institutions are networked in the Mainz Research Alliance and form the foundation of the dynamic scientific city of Mainz with the continuous generation of knowledge, cooperation and exchange as well as the transfer of knowledge and technology in business and society.

In early June 2013, the network was founded as a non-profit association with the purpose of further, intensified networking of universities, scientific institutions and companies located in and around Mainz to promote research and science. Closely linked to this is the strengthening of Mainz as a scientific location and the enhancement of the national and international visibility of Mainz as an economic region. In addition, it is also the association's task to initiate new projects and cooperations between the members of the alliance and to provide a platform for exchanging information with the scientific community.


Mainzer Wissenschaftsallianz e.V.

c/o Fraunhofer-Institut für Mikrotechnik und Mikrosysteme IMM

Carl-Zeiss-Straße 18-20

55129 Mainz

wissenschaftsallianz (at)