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InnoProm – Innovation and promotion

With the "InnoProm - Innovation und Promotion" funding program, Rhineland-Palatinate supports application- and practice-oriented doctoral projects that promote concrete innovations in Rhineland-Palatinate companies. This is intended to bring innovation-relevant knowledge and entrepreneurial needs together quickly and efficiently in order to develop possible solutions for innovative entrepreneurial issues in concrete pre-competitive R&D projects. With the qualification of young scientists, the funding program also makes an important contribution to securing skilled workers.

Universities were eligible to apply for funding for such an innovative doctorate by submitting a project application, which in particular had to describe the innovative content of the project and the expertise of the supervising professors. Universities also needed the confirmation of university supervision.

Mainz University of Applied Sciences was able to successfully secure four InnoProm applications from 36 projects funded statewide. Two doctoral projects started in 2018 and two others in January 2019. The funding period is three years each.

On this page you will find additional information on the individual projects and their respective partners.


The cooperative doctorates are funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), co-financed by the Ministry of Science, Continuing Education and Culture of Rhineland-Palatinate.

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IT Security and Data Protection in the Cloud

The digital transformation is progressing at an increasing pace. More and more companies and public authorities are relying on the cloud with their IT strategy. In addition to the technical and organizational challenges of migrations and new installations of IT systems in the cloud, questions about IT security and data protection often remain inadequately answered. It is important to view the terms IT security and data protection in a multi- and interdisciplinary way. Accordingly, the perspective must not be reduced to technical problems, but rather extended to human IT use in terms of human-computer interaction (HCI) and its integration in the organizational context. The PhD project with the preliminary name "IT Security and Data Protection in the Cloud" with a three-year duration (2018-2021) addresses the aforementioned problem. The doctoral project was launched on 1 July 2018 together with Mainz University of Applied Sciences, the University of Koblenz-Landau and the company sapite GmbH, which specializes in safety-critical architectures. The methodological HCI competence of the Professorship for Information Systems and Media Management (WIMM) of Prof. Dr. Pagel of Mainz University of Applied Sciences, the organizational-theoretical expertise of the Institute for Scientific Entrepreneurship of the University of Koblenz-Landau and the IT security expertise of sapite GmbH ideally supplement each other here.

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Marc Aurel Schubert, M.Sc.

Artificial Intelligence in Media Centers and Marketing

The aim is to investigate data analytics and AI in the fields of marketing automation and video-on-demand (VoD) systems. The digitization of local advertising products is to be optimized by means of marketing automation on the basis of digital visibility analysis, as are the recommendations for VoD systems.

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Marcel Hauck, M.Sc.

Optimized Modular Design of Wind Turbines with Precast Concrete Elements

The planned doctoral thesis aims to develop a significantly improved precast concept for hybrid towers. Various tower geometries in the ground plan and outline are to be created and evaluated first. The initial result is a ranking list of various tower geometries "from one casting".

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Lutz Loh, M.Eng.

Registration of 3D Scans with Hyperspectral Scans in the Context of Environmental Applications

The combination of hyperspectral and geometric data is of great interest for many fields of application. In particular for environmental applications and the energy industry, a combination of such data would add value and allow a more comprehensive picture of the world and its resources.

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Songül Polat, M.Sc.