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Registration of 3D Scans with Hyperspectral Scans in the Context of Environmental Applications

All dimensions of research are carried out at Mainz University of Applied Sciences. Prof. Dr. Frank Boochs at the Department of Engineering started the project Registration of 3D scans with hyperspectral scans in the context of environmental applications" together with PhD student Songül Polat and in cooperation with V&R Vision und Robotics GmbH. The combination of hyperspectral and geometric data is of great interest for many fields of application. Notable examples include building monitoring, agriculture, environmental issues, preservation of historical monuments and process control in production. While geometric data describe the morphological properties, hyperspectral data provide information about material properties and thus allow a much more precise analysis of the objects. In particular for environmental applications and the energy industry, a combination of such data would add value and allow a more comprehensive picture of the world and its resources. The project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Alain Treméau from the French Université Jean Monnet.


The cooperative doctorates are funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), co-financed by the Ministry of Science, Continuing Education and Culture of Rhineland-Palatinate.

The team

Songül Polat
Doctoral Candidate and Research Assistant
Geoinformatics & Surveying
School of Engineering

Mainz University of Applied Sciences
55128 Mainz

T 06131 628-1480
E songuel.polat (at)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Boochs
Professor für Applied Computer Science
School of Engineering

Mainz University of Applied Sciences
55128 Mainz

T 06131 628-1432
E frank.boochs (at)

Prof. Dr. Alain Trémeau
Professor in Computer Vision

Faculty of Sciences and Technologies
University Jean Monnet, St-Etienne
18 rue du Prof. Benoît Lauras
42000 Saint-Etienne, France

T (+33)(0)477915752
E alain.tremeau (at)

Project partners