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iuh – Institute for Entrepreneurship

We inspire an entrepreneurial mindset and promote business development

The iuh - Institute for Entrepreneurship is a scientific institution of Mainz University of Applied Sciences, which is dedicated to the important fields of entrepreneurship and business start-ups in research, teaching and further education.
New findings in applied and practice-relevant entrepreneurship research are gained within the framework of publications and third-party-funded projects. Seminars, lectures and workshops address questions on business start-ups, business planning, financing options, scholarships and many other aspects of business start-ups and self-employment.
In addition to research and teaching, the iuh also considers itself specifically committed to promoting start-ups. The iuh advises and supports students of all schools, employees and all alumni of Mainz University who are interested in founding a company. The objectives here are:

  • Applied entrepreneurship research to gain new, practice-relevant knowledge and to disseminate it.
  • Sensitization, motivation and qualification of students of all schools with regard to entrepreneurial skills.
  • Advice and support for students on a variety of entrepreneurial issues.
  • Promotion of dialogue between universities, start-up support institutions and companies.

    The iuh is the central anchor of the founding campus "meins". Under the umbrella of the "meins" foundation campus, Mainz University of Applied Sciences brings together all institutions, players and services relevant to start-ups on one platform.
    The university's own founding scout is also part of the iuh.

    The iuh cooperates closely with the cross-university start-up office.

    Institute for En­t­re­­pre­neur­­ship

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