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Start-up Campus

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General Information

Mainz University of Applied Sciences is establishing a sustainable culture for high-quality founding entrepreneurs and business start-ups in the university city of Mainz, which exploits and develops the various potential in the context of the university.

The start-up campus "meins" (Mainz for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Nachfolge (Succession) and Start-up) brings together all start-up-related institutions, players, offers and services of Mainz University of Applied Sciences.

Aktuelle Nachrichten

In der aktuellen Studie Gründungsradar belegt die Hochschule Mainz Platz 18 im Ranking von 70 mittelgroßen Hochschulen. Besonders positiv bewertet wurden die Verankerung des Gründungsthemas in der Hochschule, Gründungssensibilisierung und –qualifizierung sowie Unterstützungsleistungen für Gründungsinteressierte.

Die Studie Creative Startup Navigator zielt auf die Sichtbarmachung der Gründungsrelevanz durch die kreativwirtschaftlich affinen Studiengänge und damit verbunden auf die Entwicklung von gezielten Sensibilisierungsformaten für Studierende in diesen Studiengängen hinsichtlich einer späteren Unternehmensgründung.

Small business and company start-ups

iuh - Institute for En­t­re­­pre­neur­­ship

The iuh - Institute for Entrepreneurship is a scientific institute at Mainz University of Applied Sciences that is dedicated to major fields in entrepreneurship and business start-ups with a primary focus on creative entrepreneurship in research, teaching and continuing education.


Mainz University of Applied Sciences
Gründungsbüro/Start-up Office
Lucy-Hillebrand-Straße 2
55128 Mainz (only available in German)

Mainz University of Applied Sciences Start-up Service


The Start-up Service of Mainz University of Applied Sciences is the first place to go for people interested in setting up a business and potential start-up entrepreneurs*. The service is aimed at all university staff and students, and provides initial information on setting up a business or becoming self-employed, as well as initial guidance with regard to any individual questions you may have about setting up a business. The service supports innovative start-up ideas in applying for subsidies, such as the EXIST Business Start-up Grant.

You can find current dates and announcements in the newsletter.

The Start-up Service of Mainz University of Applied Sciences is a member of the Start-up Office Mainz network.

Start-up Office Mainz (only available in German)

Gründen-in-Mainz (Start up in Mainz)

This is a project of Mainz University of Applied Sciences where students have sorted and compiled information related to starting a company. 

As an information center, Gründen-in-Mainz presents a multitude of information available on regional and national institutions that support start-ups in a transparent and platform-independent manner. The site also contains numerous links to events, locations, competitions, interactive network events with the opportunity for individual interaction and exchange, as well as special offers for women.

Gründen-in-Mainz (only available in German)

COEUR - Competence in EuroPreneurship

COEUR brings students from different European universities together and focuses on entrepreneurship and generating innovative ideas. The project is an initiative of universities in Europe to innovate the teaching of entrepreneurship.

Gründen-ist-meins - innovative Gründungsgeschichten

Students of Mainz University of Applied Sciences and Johannes Gutenberg University profiled various founders and entrepreneurs from universities and universities of applied sciences with different academic career backgrounds, the foundations of which were formed by their academic studies. Their examples show that becoming self-employed or starting a business can be successful career options.

EXIST business start-up grant

The EXIST start-up grant (formerly EXIST-Seed) supports young founders who want to develop their start-up ideas from their work at universities and research institutions into a business plan.

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Information on start-ups

Advisory services for business start-ups in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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Start-up competitions

Here you can find more information on start-up competitions.

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Ideenwald – Crowdfunding

IDEENWALD is a regional crowdfunding platform for Rhineland-Palatinate & Saarland and is part of Germany's largest rewards-based crowdfunding platform The aim is to support people who would like to present their ideas to a crowd, especially creative founders. The projects must have a clear objective and must also be feasible after successful funding.

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Dr. Sabine Hartel-Schenk
Head of the Research/Transfer Office