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Im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe Positionen der Fachrichtung Architektur sind im Wintersemester 2020|21 Vertreterinnen und Vertreter einiger Partnerhochschulen geladen. Diese internationale Reihe hält verschiedenste Themen vor.

Wir freuen uns am 09. Dezember auf

Cities and Cultures:
Cross-Fertilisation and interaction

Prof. Neil Verow und Prof. Graeme Hutton (University of Dundee)

"A century ago in Dundee Professor Patrick Geddes drew his Valley Section, highlighting the links between a city and its hinterland, and advocating close observation to discover and develop the relationships that bind place, work and folk. Over 5 years the Masters studio Architecture and Society at Dundee School of Architecture has explored these themes, initially in our own post-industrial city, then turning to Europe - Mons, Mainz and Gdańsk, before returning to locked-down Dundee in 2020.
We are interested in questions of societal change and the nature and architectural/urban expression of tomorrow's social groupings - from the individual to the collective in determining 'What Society Looks Like'. In June 2016 only a quarter of the Scottish electorate voted to leave the EU. Post-Brexit (and post-Covid) we will continue to look across the water as much as over Hadrian's Wall to maintain our existing partnerships and establish new ones."

Wann: Mittwoch, 09. Dezember, 18 Uhr
Wo: über zoom