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Eine Veranstaltung des Career Centers im Rahmen der 10. Workshop-Tage

Bleib!-program  - get an easier start „Working in Germany“

  • Are you an international student or alumni?
  • Do you want to start a career in Germany?
  • Do you need to apply for an internship?

We, the consultants of the Bleib!-Program of the federal employment agency  offer you advise both during and after your studies on your career goals, applications and job entry. We are always on hand to provide help and support on all questions concerning your working life.

Lets get started! 

This workshop will give you a brief introduction about:

  • What is important writing an CV/ Resume according to german Standards?
  • What are Do´s and Don´t in an virtual job interview?

And we will have time to answer questions!

  • This workshop will be held in English.

Weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung

  • Referentin: Dagmar Lenzen-Müller
  • Ort: Präsenz-Veranstaltung am Standort Holzstraße (Raum H2.29/31)
  • Anmeldung: Via JobTeaser, dem Karriereportal für Studierende der Hochschule Mainz, oder per E-Mail an seminare.careercenter (at)

Ansprechpartner im Career Center: Thomas Gers

Weitere Informationen:
Job-Portal „JobTeaser“ der Hochschule Mainz
Career Center

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