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Starting a business with no business background

Do what you love and learn how money will follow!

In addition to a general introduction to entrepreneurship you are going to learn about basic business terms (such as sales, revenues, costs, pricing, funding etc.). In particular, we will talk about modern ways how to start a business (such as “Lean Startup”). In order to pitch your business idea, you need to master several tasks: Market analysis, Positioning, Team and Resources as well as Key financials. Finally, we are going to conclude with tools to visualize business ideas (such as the “Business Model Canvas”). In the course of the workshop we are going to switch between theoretical “kick-offs” and teamwork sessions during which you will fictively start a business.


The workshop is held by Prof. Dr. Anna Rosinus, Professor of Management, Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

  • When: Fri, December 2, 2022,
  • Where: Gutenberg Digital Hub e. V., Taunusstraße 59-61, 55118 Mainz
  • Organizer: Gründungsservice Hochschule Mainz
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