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Programme in Cooperation with London South Bank University, London, UK

London South Bank University offers in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Mainz a postgraduate research study programme leading to the PhD degree.

Within the programme, students develop and conduct their own, comprehensive research project. They are coached by experienced supervisors, one from the University of Applied Sciences Mainz and a Director of Studies from London South Bank University, and are able to produce their thesis in either traditional form or through publication.

The part-time programme and key skills development are designed for a period of four to five years. London South Bank University charges an annual tuition fee of approximately 4.754 Euro (as per May 2017).

Applicants for the cooperative PhD programme are expected to have a Master’s degree in the field of Business Administration and must have achieved a grade point average of at least 1.5 or better (German grading system) for the Master’s degree.

They must show proof of a profound command of the English language and submit IELTS test score results of 7 or above (not older than two years). Moreover, applicants must have gained their Master’s degree from the School of Business at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz or be employed at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz.

In order to succeed on this demanding PhD programme, applicants should have a strong commitment to and interest in conducting research as well as a high level of self-motivation.

  1. Different Perspectives on Strategizing – Theory and Practical Use of Strategy Tools
  2. Do Divestments create Shareholder Value? An Analysis of the German speaking market
  3. Ensuring Sustainability in Global Value Chains: Buyer Competencies in light of current and future Requirements 

The Study Director for the cooperative PhD programme on the Mainz side is Prof. Dr. Herbert Paul.

The programme is supported by Michaela Hausdorf, MA in Management, and Research Coordinator within the School of Business.

Interested students should contact Michaela Hausdorf  in order to get more information.

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Michaela Hausdorf
Programme Support LSBU Cooperation
Tel. +49 6131 628-3417
michaela.hausdorf (at) hs-mainz.de
Prof. Dr. Herbert Paul
Study Director LSBU Cooperation
Tel. +49 6131 628-3241
herbert.paul (at) hs-mainz.de
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schüle
Kooperative Promotion mit UCES
Tel. +49 6131 628-3253
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