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Investigation of the paper ‘Design and evaluation of a model-driven decision support system for repurposing electric vehicle batteries‘ regards the scientific construction

This paper deals with the investigation of the scientific construction of a paper. The procedure according to Hevner is examined.

The investigated paper fulfilled all of the scientific points of Hevner and is evaluated as a really good scientific paper. It has an artifact as a result and an scientific relevant problem which is solved in the paper. The artifact fills an research gap and is well evaluated. The research is done rigorously and carried out also according to scientific principles and methods. There is also a recognizable search process of the research question and in the end the paper was communicated to the public.


Studiengang: IT Management M.Sc.
Themengebiet: Wirtschaftsinformatik
Professor: Prof. Dr. Gunther Piller
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Veröffentlichungsdatum: 15.07.2019