Ansicht der Stadt Mainz von der Wiesbadener Rhein-Seite, Foto: Erich Weiler

COEUR stands for „Competence in EuroPreneurship“. It represents an initiative of European higher education institutions seeking to innovate entrepreneurial education at European universities.

Its education concepts focus on BUSINESS CREATIVITY and the GENERATION OF CREATIVE IDEAS which finally end up in a concrete VALUE PROPOSITION. Thus the COEUR learning opportunities clearly distinguish from business planning. 

By concentrating on the PROCESS OF PROBLEM DEFINITION and IDEA DEVELOPMENT the COEUR learning opportunities contribute to harvest the most important resources on which Europe will have to build in the future: creative ideas!

All COEUR learning opportunities are based on DIVERSITY to stimulate creative thinking with the help of cultural, personal and educational diversity of participants. Focusing on DIVERSITY all learning opportunities are open to participants from any discipline.

Currently, COEUR is offering 2 options to participate: the COEUR Workshop (a weekly event hosted by the member-universities) and the COEUR Business Creativity Module (a unique blended-learning offer in university networks). 

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Prof. Dr. Matthias Eickhoff

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Melissa Ottaviano

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