Ansicht der Stadt Mainz von der Wiesbadener Rhein-Seite, Foto: Erich Weiler

Quotes from participants of the Summerschool in 2015

“Joining this Summer School was a great experience and to the other students I can only advise to participate in this well organized and attractive program.”

“Real companies, real problems, real challenges, real interest in your idea and having been taken seriously, that feels great!” 

"If you want to learn how to sell your best ideas to someone in just a few sentences and enjoy one of the best weeks of your whole studies – this is the course you should attend."

“What I would say to my best friend about this course? Well, I would tell her: Do you want to experience something special and extraordinary at university? Do you want to test your knowledge? Then that’s the program to choose.

In this course you can apply everything you have learned at university and experience what is really important in business. Besides, you have the chance to experience Lisbon!”

“This course is worth to join and it could have last longer!”

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Matthias Eickhoff

Tel. +49 (0) 6131 -628 -3273

Melissa Ottaviano

Tel.  +49 (0) 6131 -628 -3618


Intrapreneurship Lisbon 2015