International Business Management

International Business Management M.Sc.

You want to study in Mainz and London?

You wish to complete your Master after 15 months? You will not only get to know the German market, but also the United Kingdom! You are proficient in English?  You would like to work in small groups?
Then we would like to welcome you to our exciting and challenging programme: Master of Science International Business Management, first semester Mainz, second semester London, dissertation under London supervision, in total 15 months.

MSc International Business Management in cooperation with London South Bank University (  provides you with a systematic, comprehensive, in-depth study of the subject matter  of international business. You'll develop the ability to critically evaluate and appraise existing theories and ideas about changes taking place in the world of international business. You'll also build an awareness and understanding of how different cultural attitudes and beliefs shape the international business environment in different regions of the world.
Graduates will be effective decision-makers, able to apply and adapt theory to practice and to confidently engage in critical independent thinking.

At a glance

Award: Master of Science (M.Sc.) by LSBU
3 semesters/15 months

  • Semester 1 at Hochschule Mainz, School of Business (September to January)
  • Semester 2 at London South Bank University (February to June)
  • Semester 3 under London supervision (July to December)

Start: Winter term only
Application deadline:
15th July
Language of instruction: English


The four core modules in Mainz and London (Semester 1: International Management, International Marketing and International Finance and Decision Making in Mainz; Semester 2: Strategic International Human Resource Management in London) plus the Dissertation build the frame of the MSc International Business Management (MSc IBM). Additionally, two electives in London in semester 2 complete this Master programme.

You'll develop team working skills through group projects, case studies and other forms of collaborative work. The programme is completely taught in English

There are also a number of specialist pathways associated to the Masters International Business Management which allow you to specialise in your field of interest in semester 2 in London and will lead to one of the following MSc IBM awards from LSBU:


Here you find the admission requirements and application procedure.

Online Application

Programme Structure

The MSc IBM programme takes 3 semesters in total. Students spend their first semester at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz, the second semester takes place at London South Bank University (LSBU). During their third semester students will work on their Master thesis either at the LSBU or in Mainz.

Semester 1 of the programme will be offered simultaneously (same time, structure, contents and assessments) at London South Bank University. In Mainz we are offering a full time programme, courses will take place late afternoon and/or in the evening (which allow students to work).

In semester 2 all students meet in London and study together – an experience, which should prepare them for the challenges of globalization of world economy.

Three core modules are mandatory:

International Management
This module brings together knowledge, understanding, different interpretations and critical analysis of the contexts and issues relating to management in international firms. We'll analyse the strategies, policies and decision making of international firms in the context of the changing international business environment. We'll cover: management practices in important economic regions in the world; the international strategic environment and competition  in global industries; alternative foreign market entry and development methods and the multinational enterprise; human resources (international transfers and expatriation, management development, cross-cultural issues) competency and corporate performance; strategy formulation and evaluation; competitive advantage and sustainability; international business strategy; strategy implementation; international acquisitions and mergers; international collaboration, the delta model and value networked organisations; international organisational structure; strategy implementation: culture and strategic change; globalisation and anti-globalisation.

International Marketing
In this module you’ll understand international marketing concepts and developing international marketing skills which is essential for the success of organisations operating in increasingly global, challenging and changing markets. The module provides an overview of international marketing issues, integrating theory and practice across a wide range of international business contexts. We’ll cover three key elements; part 1 is dedicated to appreciating environmental differences, especially cultural ones when conducting international market research to assess and identify foreign target markets; part 2 is the review of international market expansion strategies  in terms of resources allocation and international involvement and a  detailed analysis of foreign market entry strategies; and part 3 covers global product policies; global pricing, international distribution channels and global communications.

International Finance and Decision Making
The unit seeks to develop the knowledge and basic skills necessary to evaluate the impact of business decisions on different constituencies of stakeholder as well as being able to participate in decisions and processes concerning the maximisation of value in investment, finance and risk management, and understand the implications of taxation in financial decision making.

Furthermore, students must participate in an Academic English language course during Part I. Further Language options are possible (e.g. German on several levels).

One core module for the general MSC International Business Management is:

Strategic International Human Resource Management
In this module we'll investigate and analyse current practice and developments in Strategic Personnel and Development with full regard to International context. We'll focus clearly on the importance of Strategic HRM as being a key to the success and competitive edge of today’s organisations.  This module provides an understanding of international business practices, problems and strategies with specific reference to human resource management issues. The practical simulation activities you'll be involved in provide many hands-on learning opportunities that can help prepare you for the workplace.

Plus two Electives from

  • Global operations and logistics
  • Business data for decision making
  • Everyday sustainability for business
  • Managing virtual work
  • Intercultural management
  • Business ethics
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurial management

Or two electives from the other four specialist pathways (FI, HRM, Marketing or Project Management)

This module requires the completion of a circa 20,000 words (not including appendices and bibliography or references) Master’s level dissertation in an area of international business. It requires that, and provides an opportunity for you to virtually independently conceive, plan and execute an appropriate piece of research based on firm academic foundations.


Hochschule Mainz                                

300,- € approx. semester contribution (social semester fee)

2,500 € tuition fee for semester 1 has to be paid in September

London South Bank University

Tuition for the second semester stay at the London South Bank University follows the host university’s tuition rules, the LSBU tuition fee is subject to change

Tuition fee for semester 2 plus dissertation approx.
UK/EU fee: GBP 5,600
International fee: GBP 8,400 (for students from non-EU countries)
has to be paid in January

International ManagementStrategic International Human Resource ManagementMaster Dissertation

International MarketingElective 11
International Finance and Decision MakingElective 21
Academic English

Four other pathways are possible (Finance, Marketing, HRM or Project Management)
1Possible electives: Global operations and logistics, Business data for decision making, Everyday sustainability for business, Managing virtual work, Intercultural management, Business ethics, Enterprise and entrepreneurial management


Employment prospects are excellent. Successful students can, in addition to senior management roles, build a career in a variety of roles in consulting, marketing, finance and human resource management. In this respect the personal development emphasis on the course reflects the skills demanded for flexible roles in managing across a variety of organisational cultures and functions inside multinational companies.

Contact Persons

Sabine Klebig
Course Manager
T +49 (0) 6131 628 7363
MSc.ib (at)
Prof. Dr. Susanne Rank
Course Director
Tel. +49 6131 628-3246
susanne.rank (at)