Partner Universities of the MA.IB programme

Students of the MAIB programme spend their second year of studies at one of the partner universities, take classes and write the Master thesis there.

All our partner universities have been carefully selected. Most of them have been exchange and double degree partners of the former “Diplom” programme in International Business for many years and are members of the prestigious Consortium of International Double Degrees (CIDD, Their programmes are all accredited by national or international agencies, enjoy a good reputation, and correspond to our focus on applied business studies.

Constant external and internal quality control measures, which include students’ and employers’ feedback, will guarantee a continuously high quality of international business education.

Nearly all of them offer a study programme in English language – in addition to the national language. The modules taken at the partner universities are transferred to the Fachhochschule – University of Applied Sciences as options. In addition, students may write their Master thesis at the partner university. Supervisors of the thesis may be professors at the Fachhochschule or at the partner universities. Ideally, joint supervision is achieved using Internet technologies and telephone conferences for counseling and discussions of the student’s research project.

In many cases, the student may not only transfer the credits back to Mainz but may also be awarded the Master degree of the partner university (double degree). In order to fulfil the double degree requirements, the student may need to earn more than 120 ECTS credits.

Currently (March 2014), the following partner universities have agreed to jointly run the programme:

* During their entire study period (including the semesters at the partner university), students are obliged to pay the social fee of around EUR 250.00 per semester.

For further information on the respective master programmes at our partner universities please check under downloads for "MA.IB: Study Programmes at Partner Universities".

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Programme Director MA.IB
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Dear applicant,

please read the application instructions file corresponding to your pre-requisites.

If you are a German applicant or an applicant with a bachelor degree awarded by an EU institution, please read the “instructions application German and EU”, start the online application procedure and send the results with the full application package directly to Hochschule Mainz by 15th June. The file “Guidance for Online Application” may be helpful for the online application.
Applicants with a bachelor degree awarded by a NON EU institution have to send their application together with OUR application form to Uni-Assist. Please pay the application fee directly to Uni-Assist (check the website for further details).
Hand in your application before 15th June.
Applicants from partner universities fill out the form for exchange students and hand it in to Hochschule Mainz, MA.IB by 30th May.
Your MA.IB Team


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