Programme Overview

The world-wide globalisation process means that knowledge and understanding of international relationships is increasingly important. Any future manager must be equipped with the skills and abilities to cope in a continuously economic environment, as well as the knowledge to make intelligent decisions. The following units will be taught:

Course contents

Part I at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz

  • International Business Economics
  • International Management
  • Analytical Techniques for International Business

Furthermore, students must participate in an Academic English language course.

Students earn 30 ECTS (10 Credits/Unit) during the first semester.

Semester 1 of the programme will be offered simultaneously (same time, structure, contents and assessments) at London South Bank University, at Fachhochschule Mainz, Germany, at Assumption University, Bangkok and at Loyola College, Chennai/India. 

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In semester two all students meet in London and study together.

Part II at London South Bank University

All students will have a choice from 2 pathways in semester 2:

  • General pathway
  • Finance pathway

General Pathway

Core Units

  • Global Information Systems for Strategic Advantage
    • Credits: 10 ECTS
  • Research Methods for International Business
    • Credits: 10 ECTS


  • Option 1
    • Credits: 5 ECTS
  • Option 2
    • Credits: 5 ECTS

List of General Options (choose 2):

  • European Business
  • Sustainable Development and Global Citzenship
  • Global Operations and Logistics
  • International Marketing
  • Business Environment in Asia-Pacific
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Marketing Communications
  • Managing Across Cultures
  • Managing International Resources
  • Services Sector Policies

 The Dissertation (General Pathway) needs to have a general Business focus.

Finance Pathway

Core Units

  • International Finance and Decision Making
    • Credits: 10 ECTS
  • Research Methods for International Business
    • Credits: 10 ECTS

List of Finance Options (choose one):

  • Bank Governance and Regulation
  • International Banking and Bank Performance
  • Asset Fund Management
  • Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis

The Dissertation (Finance Pathway) needs to be Finance orientated.


Part III: The Master Dissertation

The specific Master's challenge, in part, is in writing the dissertation. The aim of the dissertation is to present an advanced piece of independent research on an international business topic. The research topic should be covered in an interdisciplinary and integrated way in terms of hypothesis, methodology, documentation and presentation of results.

Credits for the Dissertation (general business focus or Finance orientated): 30 ECTS