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The steps of the application process with a foreign degree

If you have a higher education degree obtained outside of Germany, the extent of its equivalency to a German higher education entrance qualification for a master's degree program must be evaluated.

Provided that your higher education entrance qualification is recognized as being equivalent to the German and sufficient knowledge of the German language can be verified, you will be admitted to the university placement allocation procedure. Proof of German language skills is not required of German citizens with foreign degrees.

If one of the following circumstances applies to you, then please apply using the online portal of Mainz University of Applied Sciences:

  • You wish to apply to the consecutive master's program International Business and have acquired your first university degree that qualifies you for professional employment in an EU member country.
  • You would like to apply to the continuing education master's degree programs International Business (M.Sc. IB) and/or Taxation.
  • You have already had recognition of your foreign university degree issued in Germany including a grade point average converted to the German system.

All applicants who did not acquire their university degree in Germany should please send their applications to uni-assist (see the address on the right).

The citizenship of applicants is irrelevant.

Address of uni-assist

Hochschule Mainz
c/o uni-assist e.V.
D-11507 Berlin

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Please note when applying via uni-assist

Please note that your application will not be processed by uni-assist until the fee has been paid. Please include a copy of the deposit receipt/proof of payment with your application. You can find information on the processing costs for the evaluation of the foreign higher education entrance qualification at uni-assist.

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