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Careers at Mainz University of Applied Sciences

We appreciate your interest and welcome you to our university.


One university. Many opportunities.

Mainz University of Applied Sciences currently offers around 170 professors and about 430 employees a work environment that is characterized by cordial cooperation and the pleasure of shared continuing development.

We see ourselves as an open-minded, international, modern, and transformational university, and we educate our nearly 5,600 students in both regular and dual degree programs to think in a cross-disciplinary way and to respond to the global challenges of tomorrow with innovation.

In the following sections, you will learn what distinguishes our university as an employer and what makes the city of Mainz so attractive as a place to live.

What we offer

At Mainz University of Applied Sciences, we pride ourselves on our open work culture. Our professors, employees, and students know each other personally and interact as equals. You will quickly feel at home at our university thanks to the appreciative way we treat each other.

We offer you exciting tasks in a motivated and collaborative team. Project-oriented work in small groups is particularly important to us, as this creates a pleasant, productive atmosphere where we can respond to the individual needs of our employees and students.


Mainz has a lot to offer as a place to live. The city is known as moder and cosmopolitan, and at the same time it is one of Germany’s oldest cities. Its nearly 220,000 residents are known for their friendly, open nature and culture rich in tradition. As a city of science with a high concentration of educational institutions, Mainz is one of the most attractive university locations in Germany.

In recent years, the cityscape has undergone a number of changes: Streets and squares have been redesigned, buildings have been renovated, and new living space has been created. Thanks to a considerable budget surplus, the city will be investing more money in climate protection, mobility, recreational activities, and education and culture as of 2022.


We view future-oriented research, teaching, and studying as an ongoing undertaking we have continuously committed ourselves to, for more than 25 years now. That is why we work to advance disciplines and topics and think beyond traditional boundaries, while always keeping an eye on cross-disciplinarity and intelligent networking, for example using Online International Learning (COIL).

In addition, the transition from theory to practice, from development to implementation, and the interdisciplinary connection of the schools through overlapping fields of study, such as Information Systems and Geosciences, are particularly important to us. In addition, by 2028 we will be expanding our connections to universities throughout Rhineland-Palatinate even more closely with the Innovative University project.


Mainz is located in the Rhine-Main metropolitan region, home to around 5.8 million people. On a regional level, the university maintains relationships with more than 600 businesses, along with research and cultural institutions. To this end, we are involved in associations such as the Higher Education Alliance for SMEs (HAfM) and the Mainz Research Alliance, thereby continually expanding our network.

International collaboration is equally important to us: In the area of applied science, we do top work worldwide, and our global network includes more than 120 partner universities. Teaching and transfer, as well as an interdisciplinary approach, will be the focal points in the coming years. In collaboration with organizations and companies, we develop new knowledge and work together on solutions for tomorrow.


Since 2021, Mainz University of Applied Sciences has offered its employees the option of "mobile work" with flexible time tracking. This means they are not tied to a fixed workplace and can work flexibly outside the university or at home, depending on the situation. By doing so, we want to promote the reconciliation of work and family life, support people with disabilities, and contribute to climate protection. Our goal is to establish a work environment that has a positive impact on the satisfaction and performance of our employees.


It is important here at Mainz University of Applied Sciences that our employees are properly integrated and prepared for their respective tasks from the very beginning. For this, we provide you with an appropriate onboarding program that allows you to get to know the different schools and departments, and to network within the university. You can find more information about the contents of the program in the flyer.

We know that personal development is just as important for your success as a good start, so we offer our employees numerous professional events and workshops for qualification and professional training. You can find an overview of the various offerings here.


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