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Typical of the master’s degree program in Business Law & Compliance

Our concept of teaching and learning

We emphasize practice-oriented knowledge, interdisciplinary thinking and action, and faculty members who are particularly qualified as a result of their professional experience.

The teaching content of the individual modules, which are coordinated in terms of content, reflects essential aspects of everyday life in the workplace. Professional expertise is supplemented by additional soft skills. The seminar style of teaching motivates you to actively participate.

As a result, you will acquire extensive professional know-how that will support you in your professional career.

The teaching concept is based on the following principles:

Practical relevance

Due to practically relevant course contents and professionally experienced lecturers, topics from day-to-day life in the business world are an integral part of the degree program. The focus is on goal-oriented solutions and these are dealt with in detail in the lectures.

The interdisciplinary approach

The close interaction between economics and law enables you to develop comprehensive corporate solutions. Legal and business issues receive equal attention.


The international aspect

Students are prepared for working in an international environment in the classes Intercultural Business Communication, Legal Project Management and Communication, and International Business. These lectures are held in part by native speakers.


Soft skills

In addition to hard facts, you will also acquire skills known as soft skills, including presentation skills, teamwork, employee motivation, competency analysis, and negotiation techniques.


Experienced professors and lecturers from prominent companies and law firms teach here. Instruction is dialog-based, with a strong focus on practical and action-oriented learning.


Prof. Dr. Martin Weber, Degree Program Director, Lecturer for Compliance and Foreign Trade Law

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Alt, Lecturer for International Tax Law and Compliance

Prof. Dr Katharina Dahm, Professor for Labor Law including Social Security Issues and Private Business Law

Prof. Dr. Hanno M. Kämpf, Lecturer for Compliance and Commercial Criminal Law

Prof. Dr. Timothy Kautz, Lecturer for Compliance

Prof. Dr. Martin Meißner, Lecturer for Legal Project Management & Communication

Colin Nerenberg, Lecturer for International Business and Fraud Management

David Paal, Lecturer Compliance

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schüle, Professor for International Business, Economics

Markus Stief, Lecturer Compliance

Prof. Dr. Stephanie Swartz-Janat Makan, Lecturer for Intercultural Business Communication