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January 15 for the summer semester, July 15 for the winter semester.


Lectures in the winter semester usually start in late September/early October, lectures in the summer semester usually start in mid-March. Lectures are not held in the periods in between. Since this is a full-time degree program, the individual lectures are spread over the entire week from Monday to Friday.


International aspects are of great importance in this degree program. A semester abroad is not mandatory, but is recommended. Since you can also work on the topics of the 5th semester abroad without any problems, this semester is particularly suitable for a semester abroad without losing any time.


Examinations are held in the last two weeks before the end of the semester. Please note, however, that some modules also require papers, presentations or the like as proof of performance. These may also have to be completed during the semester.


No, for the bachelor's degree all subjects are to be completed with their examination results. If you are in a position to submit performance records from other universities, you can have them recognized after they have been reviewed on an individual basis. You can also attend individual lectures as a guest auditor.


Orientation week serves all new students as a systematic introduction to the degree program. In addition to information sessions, you will be assigned to your respective semester group and will have the opportunity to get to know each other and ask questions. The orientation week always takes place one week before the start of lectures - in the summer semester usually in the second week of March, in the winter semester usually in the last week of September.


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