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The aims of the Communication Design degree program

Diversity in teaching

To enable you to master the numerous challenges and requirements of modern communication, the interdisciplinary Communications Design program offers a wide range of high-quality subjects. These include the disciplines typography, book design, editorial design, advertising, illustration, copywriting, photography, interactive design, corporate identity, animation, free design and drawing. Practical and theoretical courses in art history, design theory and research plus marketing and psychology round off these subjects.

Comprehensive skills

The aim of your education at Mainz University of Applied Sciences is to provide you with comprehensive skills in conveying information and in the creative implementation of communication. You will acquire artistic, aesthetic, scientific and technical fundamentals on both digital and analog levels in a program that gives you a thorough foundation. You will also learn to quickly familiarize yourself with different contexts and methodological working methods and presentation and production techniques.

Responsibility and critical reflection

In a globally networked and increasingly complex world, the demands placed on future designers are in constant flux. It is therefore important for us to educate you to become both responsible and reflective communication designers during your studies, in addition to teaching you practical and methodological skills.