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Interior Architecture and Spatial Communication

Space communicates with its shape, material, color and light. The design and expansion of architectural space as a communication space as a result of the integration of both analog and digital media is becoming ever more complex and has increased in social significance in recent years.

Diversity in teaching

The development of space beyond its physical boundaries is the central theme of all disciplines in the bachelor's and master's degree programs in interior architecture. The department is comprised of a dedicated team of instructors, staff and assistants. Due to the diversity of the curriculum and the different skills of the teaching staff, you have plenty of room to develop and receive support in a personal and close-knit environment. A practical, project-oriented education is the focus of the Interior Architecture degree program.

Interdisciplinary nature

Nowadays, the design of space is in demand in a wide variety of markets. Work in interdisciplinary teams is steadily increasing, and the professional field of interior design is expanding into new exciting fields.

The proximity to Frankfurt as a central trade fair location and the possibility of interdisciplinary cooperation with the Communication Design and Time-Based Media degree programs in the School of Design at our university make the Interior Architecture degree program unique in the university landscape.

The most important information at a glance


  • Implementation projects and cooperations with companies
  • Dedicated teaching staff
  • Excellently equipped workshops
  • Relaxed, communicative relationship with professors
  • Interdisciplinarity within the School of Design
  • Open, familiar atmosphere