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M.A. in Time-Based Media

The aim of the master's degree program in time-based media is the teaching, research and implementation of new content-related concepts and applications for the use of digital media. These include 2D and 3D animation, film and television, as well as generative and interactive communication systems.

The master's degree in time-based media enables you to apply artistic and scientific knowledge and methods independently, creatively and responsibly. In addition, the program provides you with the practical experience you need to work independently in a leadership position in creative professions - today's and tomorrow's television media. The development of the scientific background is an integral part of all projects. This demand is also reflected in the high proportion of theoretical subjects.

The master's program serves the targeted professionalization and deepening of various fields of work and personal development, in order to independently carry out conceptual and creative activities. In individual cases, the master's degree in time-based media can also be used to prepare you for further academic training as part of doctoral studies.

Together with local television broadcasters, production companies and advertising and web agencies, you will develop projects and carry them out right up to the pilot project where possible. One important link between the industry and Mainz University of Applied Sciences is the Institute for Media Design. Its many years of application-oriented work ensure the successful completion of joint projects for external partners.

The master's program in time-based media is the right choice for you if you like working in a team and are interested in new media developments. Our interdisciplinary approach is not only aimed at graduates of our own bachelor's degree program, but also at students of other disciplines who want to work conceptually on new media developments.

With a completed master's degree in time-based media, you will be able to design, develop and implement future-oriented projects in the field of the media on your own, creatively, imaginatively and responsibly.

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