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The Rhine-Main region has one of the highest concentrations of the construction industry in Germany, which is why a large number of companies and offices have their head quarters or a branch office here.


More than 30,000 students live and study in Mainz. The diversity of the many different fields of study make it a lively location. The cost of living for students are lower than in Frankfurt or Wiesbaden.


The building of the University of Applied Sciences at the Holzstraße location may not be particularly beautiful, but its location between the old town (100 meters away) and the banks of the Rhine (100 meters away) is indeed beautiful, surrounded by cozy pubs for the evening and the many places to sit along the Rhine to relax during a break.


Even if it is sometimes slightly cramped, the professors, the student admninistration and the Students' Union (ASTA) are all close by. Everything is in one building and thus easily manageable.


The degree programs are consistently geared towards practical demands, resulting in considerably better professional prospects for new graduates. The professors all have years of practical experience.


Despite a great deal of damage during the war and reconstruction that is not always successful, Mainz is a lovable city. When they hear the name Mainz, many people think of its famous carneval celebrations or the public TV station ZDF.


Image video of the city of Mainz: Welcome to Mainz (YouTube)