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Foreign academic qualifications

Application via uni-assist

Documents to be submitted

  • Chronological, signed curriculum vitae with no missing periods of time
  • Copy of the deposit slip for the fee paid to uni-assist
  • Residence permit (for applicants from non-EU member states)
  • Copy of identity card
  • Declaration of previous study periods at home and abroad (see under download)
  • Proof of German language skills
  • Certificate of exmatriculation for all degree programs in which you were previously enrolled. If you are still enrolled by the closing date for applications, you can submit them upon enrollment, but no later than 15 October for the winter semester and 30 March for the winter semester


Applicants with previous periods of study in Germany or abroad must submit the following documents in addition to the required documents in due time when applying to our university. This applies to all previous master's degree programs in which you were or are enrolled after completing your first undergraduate degree.

  • Clearance certificate (in German)
  • Clearance certificate for all studies at foreign universities after completing your first undergraduate degree (in English)
  • Proof of achievement / grade point average with indication of the ECTS credits, grade, number of attempts including the failed achievements with indication of the provisional grade point average of your achievements to date.
  • Summary of the contents of the individual modules including the ECTS credits (in German)
  • Curriculum plan (in German)

If you are still enrolled at another university at the time of application and are able to complete achievements there, you must provide a current clearance certificate and current proof of achievements / grade point average including the failed achievements after the grading of the last examination achievement by the previous university again without being asked. This must be done by October 15 for the winter semester and by the end of the first week of April for the summer semester at the Office of Student Affairs of Mainz University of Applied Sciences.


One of the following forms of verification must be included in the application:

  • Test German as a Foreign Language (TestDaF) at least TDN 3 in allen Prüfungsteilen
  • German language examination for university entrance at least level 1 (DSH-1)
  • Goethe certificate at least level B2- please note that certificates from other language schools, even ones in Germany, are not recognized
  • B2 language certificates of German universities
  • German Language Diploma DSD II
  • telc German B2
  • Successfully completed degree in German studies

The proof of German language skills must be presented in an officially certified form.



      • Document your educational path from secondary school diploma to your current level of education. Submit all certificates completely - the degree and the corresponding overview of subjects and grades must always be submitted in full. Neither whole certificate parts (for example a diploma appendix) nor individual pages may be missing. If the grade system used is not listed on the subject and grade overview, please also submit the information on the grade system of your school or university

      • It is necessary that you submit all certificates completely in the original language in an officially certified copy and additionally in a sworn translation. Submission is only possible in paper form. Copies of certified documents - whether they are in electronic or paper form - are only simple copies and are not themselves certified. A copy shall be deemed to be authenticated only if it bears the original authentication stamp.
      • A certificate of a university degree or equivalent after successfully completing studies in the fields of building and property management, facility management, industrial engineering (construction), civil engineering or architecture or a degree recognized as equivalent from a foreign university with at least 210 ECTS credits.
      • Graduates of degree programs with less than 210 ECTS credits but at least 180 ECTS credits can also apply. The proof of all missing ECTS credits must be provided by the end of the third semester. Here we recommend contacting the student advisory service.
      • Interior architecture (Bachelor,  Engineering Diploma (university of applied sciences) or  Engineering Diploma): proof of at least one year of practical work on a construction site or related to building and property management and facility management.
      •  Proof of at least one year of practical work experience in the profession after completion of the previous degree program.
      • In addition to a degree in engineering, knowledge of mathematics must be proven. This knowledge may have been acquired during previous studies or as part of a separate qualification. The proof must be submitted by the end of the first master's semester. A mathematics bridge course will be offered.


      In addition, you must submit the following documents in accordance with Section 35 (1) of the Rhineland-Palatinate Higher Education Act:

      • Proof of higher education entrance qualification
      • Proof of work experience that is sufficiently related to the content of the selected degree program
      • Proof that you have performed this on-the-job activity for at least three years after obtaining your higher education entrance qualification.
      • A letter of motivation stating the reasons for your wish to study, with a maximum of 3,000 characters, detailing your previous skill development and evidenced by the following qualified documents:
        • Projects and areas of responsibility
        • Proof of examination results achieved within the framework of further training measures
        • Letters of reference or proof of all relevant practical activities. The certificates, attestations and other supporting documents must be submitted in the form of officially certified copies


      Additionally required documents