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You can deregister from Mainz University of Applied Sciences at any time if you wish. When you deregister, your membership at the University and the associated rights and obligations as a student of Mainz University of Applied Sciences end. You can apply for deregistration from the date the application is filed (valid from the day following the filing of the application) or from any subsequent date after the filing of the application until the end of the current semester, but not retroactively.

Legal foundation

The legal basis for deregistration is the Regulations on the Admission and Enrollment of Study Applicants dated July 4, 2014, which lists how students can terminate their membership.

Section 15 Termination of enrollment in accordance with the enrollment regulations of July 4, 2014 published in Newsletter No. 13|2014 on 14 July 2014

(1) The membership of a student to the university is terminated:

  1. at the end of the semester in which the overall result of the final examination passed is determined, meaning at the end of the semester in which the last academic achievement and/or examination was achieved.
  2. at the end of the semester during which the final failure becomes known, meaning at the end of the semester in which the written notice of "Final Failure (Endgültig Nichtbestehen (EN))" was delivered.
  3. by cancelling the enrollment by application (valid from the day following the filing of the application at the University).
  4. by cancelling the registration officially.


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Office hours

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Information on the procedure

Please note that in the case of deregistration on request, any examinations you have already registered for in the current semester may have to be cancelled by the examination office. Please urgently contact the examination office responsible for you.

If you apply for deregistration at an earlier point in time than the end of the semester, we expressly point out that any further use of the semester ticket after termination of membership at the university is unlawful and may be prosecuted under criminal law.

The application for deregistration is available for download. Please hand it in, completely filled in, to the Office of Student Affairs or send it by regular mail or fax.

Please note that deregistration is only possible if the application documents are complete. A retroactive cancellation of the registration on request is not permitted.

You will receive a certificate from the Office of Student Affairs stating the enrollment period and the last degree program you enrolled in. This certificate can be used for submission to the pension system.

Make sure that you have completed all further steps you are responsible for in connection with deregistration (returning any borrowed books, etc.).

Please note that for deregistration on the basis of a successful final examination - in accordance with the provisions of the respective examination regulations - you must submit an application for a transcript of records to the responsible examination office.

The following end on the date on which the deregistration becomes valid

  • Your membership at Mainz University of Applied Sciences
  • Your authorization to take exams
  • Your entitlement to travel using the StudiTicket
  • Your authorization to access the HIP university information portal

    If you have already completed all your coursework and examinations and indicate "Waiting for final grade" as the reason for deregistration, you still have access to the HIP and can print out the required number of certificates, etc.

Cancellation of registration ex officio

If you do not actively apply for deregistration, deregistration may take place ex officio in certain cases.
The reasons for this are in particular as follows:

  • Loss of the examination entitlement in the chosen degree program or in two degree programs in total
  • Failure to fulfill the obligations towards the responsible health insurance fund
  • Failure to pay the fixed fees and charges
  • A lack of re-registration

    Questions about deregistration should be sent by email to the Office of Student Affairs.

    Refunding of the semester fee

    The student fee will be refunded at the time of deregistration (see also "Information on semester fee refunding" under Downloads).

    • Students who have enrolled for the first time or have re-enrolled and who have terminated their university membership before the lectures have started for the degree program (including any orientation phases) and have returned any documents that they have already received.
    • Duly re-registered students who apply for deregistration before the before the lectures have started for the degree program and who have already returned documents that they have already received.

    Feedback on deregistration

    You are about to complete your studies at Mainz University of Applied Sciences. We would be pleased if you would give us some feedback on the process. We would like to use your feedback for quality assurance and development of our studies and services.

    Participation in the survey is anonymous and voluntary and there are no disadvantages for you if you do not want to participate in the survey.

    You can fill out the deregistration feedback form on paper or in an online version on the Quality Management intranet pages (see right column, only available in German)). Login to the intranet is possible with your student IT account.

    Current survey

    Online survey (only available in German)

    Who to contact

    Ursula Eiermann
    Head of the Office of Student Affairs, Policy Issues
    Mon to Thur mornings and afternoons
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    Stefanie Stuck
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    Christiane Mann
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    Thurs afternoon
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