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IC Committee

Interface and connection between ZIK and teaching

The "Committee for Information and Communication Technology" (IC Committee) is a committee of the Senate.


The responsibilities of the IC Committee are:

  •  It deals with questions and problems in the field of communication and information technology, which are of strategic importance for the university.
  • It is responsible for the necessary basic regulations (such as the user regulations) and adopts them in agreement with the leadership of the ZIK. If it is not possible to reach an agreement, the Senate will decide.
  • It advises on applications and projects of the ZIK, the schools or other university bodies that require an opinion of the IK Committee, with special attention to the requirements of teaching and research.
  • It makes recommendations for the financial requirements and use of funds presented by the ZIK management.
  • It makes proposals for the appointment of the management and its representation in accordance with Article 5 of the organizational regulation.
  • It bundles and coordinates the interests of the schools and other university bodies regarding efficient and up-to-date information and communication technology.


The IC Committee consists of the following members:

  • For each school, two professors are appointed by the school to the Senate as voting members in accordance with Article 72 para. 2.
  • One student representative per school as a member with voting rights.
  • A representative from the groups in accordance with Article  37 (2) nos. 3 and 4 of the Higher Education Act as a member with voting rights.
  • The head and deputy head of the ZIK as advisory members


The IC Committee elects the chairmanship from the group of professors for a period of 2 years. Re-election is permitted. The Chairman of the IC Committee reports to the Senate (see Article 6 (3)).

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Böhm is the current Chairman.

Other current members of the IK Committee can be found on the Senate's information pages.

Source (only available in German): Organisationsordnung des ZIK vom 20.12.2011