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counceling for students with disabilities

You have a physical or mental disability and would like to get information? Do you have a partial performance deficiency, dyslexia or are you chronical ill and meet obstacles in your studies as a result?

If you have not yet found any information that helps you, please contact the representatives for disability issues. All exchange is treated in confidence.

our offer

  • We work to ensure that disability-related necessary adjustments or modifications are made in studies, exams, buildings.
  • We offer support in the application and implementation of assistance claims and disadvantage compensation.
  • We advise on question regarding study planning and the course of studies.

Please contact us; we are happy to get involved.

Together we will look for possible solutions and assistance. We ask all students to help us and also their fellow students by telling us about grievances you see over time here at the university. The goal is to provide equally good study conditions for all students. Often, for example, an improvement in the building will also benefit non-disabled students.

More information about studying with disabilities can be found on our e-learning platform Open OLAT; this platform is exclusively for students of Mainz University of Applied Sciences.

other contact points/links

Features of the Locations

  • Students with disabilities currently have access to ten parking spaces. There are also two elevators to access all rooms.
  • Wheelchair accessible, barrier-free restrooms can be found on the first floor (A0.11) and near the auditorium.
  • Helpers are available to assist you when using the library.
  • A tactile map of the Campus building is located on the first floor at the reception desk. The corridors, at least in the foyer, are equipped with a tactile guideline system; the touchpad in the elevators is tactile, and a voice statement names the respective floor.

Note: Prospective students who are blind or deaf are asked to inquire about current study conditions with the respective department disability representatives before applying.


  • Parking spaces for students with a disability is available in the courtyard. Please contact the building management in advance to access the parking lot.
  • Students with disability have a barrier- free entrance to the building via the side entrance on Lautererstraße. There is also an elevator here that can be used to reach all floors.
  • Stairs within the floors are equipped with stair elevators.
  • Wheelchair accessible, barrier-free toilets can be found on the first floor, on the 3rd floor opposite the library and near the assembly hall,
  • The ZIK Building (IT Services) is also equipped with an elevator to all floors.

Note: When using the workshops, please contact the assistants of the study program in advance.  They available for you.


  • Parking slots for disabled students are available in the courtyard. Please contact the program or building management in advance for parking.
  • There is a barrier-free entrance to the building via the right entrance. An elevator reaches all floors. Since all doors have a code, please ask for it in advance.
  • Wheelchair-accessible, barrier-free restrooms can be found on the floor on which the study program is located.

Note: When using study program-specific rooms, please contact the study program assistance in advance. They are happy to help you.



Location Campus

Dr. Elke Lassahn
School of Business
Room C1.07
T 06131 628-3264
elke.lassahn (at)


Location Holz­stra­ße and Wallstraße

Nathalie Tchouandong
School of Design
Holzstraße 36
T 06131 628-2030
nathalie.tchouandong (at)