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Disability representative

Do you have a physical or mental impairment or disability and you would like to get information? Do you have a specific learning disability, such as dyslexia and therefore problems in your studies?

If you have not yet found any helpful information, please contact the representatives for disability issues.

Campus location

Margaritha Vogt
School of Engineering | G&V
Room C2.14
T 06131 628-1412
margaritha.vogt (at)

Claudia Huberti
School of Business
Room C2.07
T 06131 628-3134
claudia.huberti (at)

Holz­stra­ße and Wallstraße locations

Christin Reichhardt
Room H4.05
T 06131 628-7373
christin.reichhardt (at)

Volker Pape
Room H0.04
T 06131 628-2225
volker.pape (at)

Together we will look for solutions and assistance. For example, according to the German Framework Act for Higher Education Sect. 2 para. 5, handicap-related disadvantages have to be taken into account through amended examination modifications.

We ask all students to help us and their fellow students by telling us about the shortcomings you see during your time here at the university.
Our aim is to provide all students with equally good study conditions. Often, for example, an improvement in the building also benefits non-disabled students.